When contacted through a dream...?

Hello all. I’ve just registered so please be gentle with me as I try to find the right vocabulary for this sort of thing…

A few nights ago I feel like I was contacted by something/someone specific, and they left such a strong impression on me that I’ve been unable to shake the feeling that it was somehow important. Humanoid male appearance, very strong association with the color yellow, possibly had horns. What I remember is that no matter what I was doing in said dream, if I tried to speak to anyone else, he had this vaguely threatening aura and would place himself between us. He seemed like an intelligent and interesting fellow who desired to monopolize my attention, he needed to communicate something to me; I felt compelled to pay attention to him as well, but I recall feeling that it would be a bad idea if I were to spend too much time with him for some reason.

A friend has said that he reminded her of Lucifer, that the yellow could be symbolic of the ‘light bringer / morning star’, the subconscious association of horns with ‘demons’ or ‘fallen angels’ and what have you, thus feeling uneasy about spending time with him. Despite being raised Catholic I have never been particularly religious and officially left the church ~15 years ago, so I have no idea whether this idea holds weight.

So ultimately I have no idea who this was, or how to try to contact them again in order to hear them out regarding their message for me - or if I even should. Any insight would be very much appreciated!