When an entity’s seals/sigils look different sometimes does it matter which you chose if it’s a piece of jewelry you're going to consecrate to an entity?

I’ve noticed for example Samael seems to have at least 3 seals/sigils and Lilith seems to have a least 2 and Lucifer also has at least 2.

What is like to know is…

  1. If you wanted to have consecrate and wear a piece of jewelry with an entity’s seal/sigil and there’s more then 1 to choose from, does it make a difference which one is on the jewelry?

  2. How would I know which one is the correct one to choose?

  3. If 1 seal/sigil more effective or more potent or powerful then the others would I know to pick the right one?

  4. How could I be sure I was picking the one with the closest strongest ties to the entity who’s symbol I want to wear ritually or possibly non ritually in order to feel most connected to it?

  5. Does it make a difference if you are consecrating the jewelry whether it has a sigil or can it have a different image that isn’t a sigil and still be able to connect to the entity. Example: leviathan. If a person didn’t use the sulphur cross but chose say a snake ring would it still work to help you connect to the entity even though it’s not a seal/sigil?

  6. Does the consecration make the question of which seal is better irrelevant because the act of consecration connects it to the entity anyway so you don’t have to worry about choosing the right one?

Add: is there a shorter way to ask the post title question?

I searched but the results didn’t answer my questions sufficiently.

Seals can look different because they come from different sources. For example, some of the authors of old grimoires couldn’t draw the more ornate seals, so they just simplified them. As long as the basic shape and features are maintained, they would still work.

Some seals are personal ones channelled by other magicians, like the Dukate seals of demonolatry, and more modern ones are created by tracing a spirit’s name upon a generator like the Rose Cross.

To your questions:

1: If there is more than one seal, I generally choose the one I find most aesthetically pleasing. I find if I can connect to the beauty of its design on a personal level, then it is more likely I will be able to sink deeply into it enough to contact the spirit attached to it.

2: Go by your intuition. Use the one you are most drawn to.

3: It doesn’t matter what is more “potent or powerful” for others, only what works for you.

4: As I said for question 2, use your intuition. Let the seal speak to you. You will know which seal is correct. In my experience, I have found that sometimes the spirit itself will select a specific seal, and will make it stand out to you in some way over the other. This is what happened to me with Seere when I was doing the 72 Challenge. There are two seals given for him in the Goetia, but one of them seemed to glow in my vision as i looked at it, while the other did not, so that is the one I used.

5: No. As long as you consecrate the object with the correct energy, it doesn’t really matter what the image is. You could consecrate a figurine of My Little Pony to represent Set, so long as when you gazed upon it, it reminded you of him. What really matters is what comes to your mind when you look at the object you consecrated.

6: To consecrate something is to set it apart from the ordinary. When you consecrate your ritual blade, for example, then it is no longer an ordinary knife, but becomes something else. The easiest way to consecrate a piece of jewellery, is to simply evoke the spirit, and ask it to fill the object with its energy.


@DarkestKnight Thank you for your response it’s very helpful. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Simple ask the spirit which one to use. People seem to treat magic as an intellectual exercise but mostly is a partnership. If you are working with a specific spirit would it not make sense to ask what he/she/it wants? And how it wants to be the specific jewelry consecrated. This is the most potent way of doing thing. We need to realize that the pseudo scientific mindset of most modern magic is its biggest limitation. Treating magick like they approach cooking. Follow the recepie, do the signs and Viola! Instant magic. But in truth it should be shamanic. Contact the spirits recieve guidance and perform with the confidence that the spirit will answer because you took the time to find out how to properly do things.

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While that’s good advice it’s easier said then done for me since my senses aren’t opened enough for me to see and converse with spirits yet.

The only exception to me not seeing or being able to converse with a spirit occurred in the dream state (or probably more precisely when I was in that state halfway between dream and waking that’s also halfway between sleep and dreaming). Marbas came to me in the dream realm. That’s the only time so far I’ve been able to see or converse with a spirit.

@dakkel :Your advice is good advice but it’s gonna be hard for me to take and follow it currently, given I can’t see or hear spirits yet, and it’s unlikely I’ll experience dream world communication again and be able to wake at just the right time to remember the conversation.

I don’t think I want to trust I’ll experience contact in the same way again because a lot of things have to be just right for it to happen.

For that to happen the entity had to hear me want to converse with me and then catch me at the right stage between full sleep and full awake awareness and converse with me in a lucid dream state and then have me wake up at just the right time to remember the conversation.

I hate to think I’m going to have to rely on all those ducks lining up in order to pick the right sigil or symbol for the jewelry I want to consecrate.

Well a lot of people have the same issue. It takes time to sense spirits. But you can use divinatoria tools. The pendulum will be great for this, so are the chamalongos of palo and lukumi traiditions. It is what practitioners of these faiths use to communicate with their spirits when they don’t have medium abilities.
Scrying can also work. Heck the spirit can even give you a personal sigil just for you to use to call him.

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