When Abaddon takes a simple dark guardian summoning ritual, and goes all history professor on your ass

I designed a ritual and sigil, I was given by
Abaddon and Belial to destroy a local predator’s ability to hunt young girls, and to instead inflict those predatory instincts within and upon others enemies or threat, to those working with the abyss. As I’m vibrating Abaddon enns and gazing into open flames, while incense rises from ancient bones, I fall into what I thought was a deeper state of gnosis. Naturally as breathing, I feel a shared possession as a guiding hand comes forth directing my hand and blade, commanding a shadow aspect of Sabazios, in a tongue, accent and name I’ve never heard. A rattling of names flashes through my mind and I see Apollyon shaving off aspects of Dyonesius for the downtrodden dirge of society, who freely summoned madness in this type of rite. I see a connection or aspect of Suma, Baal and Ishtar, a winged serpent dragon shifter rises with Erskegel and Maha Kali, shaking bones till their energy imprint is nonexistent and consumed completely into the cradle of a partitioned chamber in the abyss. I’ve got a shit ton of research and meditation to do, as until last no night, I had not seen acorrelation of Baal, Suma, Dyonesius, and Ishtar. I never studied Sabazios or correlated Erskegel with dragon serpents and Maha Kali. I’m journaling as I work on this nightly. Any feedback or advice is welcomed. I felt pretty dark and full spectrum emotional release. I can’t give the name or sigil publicly as of yet.


That is quite a vision it seems your ritual requests were heard with a symbolic response with a message about your spiritual journey and may be a warning of challenges and obstacles to come. The dragon conveys meaning of evil intent, supernatural powers or beliefs, wisdom, strength (your convictions), and hidden knowledge.

The shaking bones slowly dispersing are associated with spiritual development, and perhaps your feeling vulnerable, your personal beliefs and your hidden strengths. Be strong as your fears are unfounded, move forward on your path with conviction.

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Thanks. I’m not afraid at this point. I had everything evaluated and burned out over past few months, everything. My imprented sense of knowing has been necessary to bring
he next stage of activated resonance. Nothingness provided comfort of knowing, and all is falling into place as the space has been cleared and continually made into the vessel necessary to grow without fear of pain and the lessons needed to be learned. This is a collection of insights, and guided direction from the ritual, the following dreams, and an hour meditation in a.m. By the power of Greyskull, I may find some wrong, and have to report back humbled. I Dont know yet, but it’s for my best, so I accept.