When a target is depleted

If I continue to feed on a target and the target dies for being depleted what would happen to me as a operator? Would I began to feed death energy?



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I’ve never reached that point tbh I usually ignore targets I’ve done this too

You can purify that energy so you don’t absorb the death energy

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I do the operation in an invoked elemental balanced circle.


That won’t alchemise the energy. You should be filtering it already, so it’s more of that plus altering it’s nature, or stop when the transition starts.

It’s very hard to drain people to death though, we generate more energy on an ongoing basis, and there are other processes that bring in more energy for a depleted person to accelerate that, including them automatically being fed energy by people around them.


I drain my target daily as part of my daily magical training. As I understand it then it’s not the target being depleted that kills it but rather because of diseases as they have no immune system.

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It takes a while to affect the immune system, the imbalance of energy in the meridians (qi body) affects the emotional and mental bodies first, and this when sustained eventually manifests into the physical level.
It depends what you’re up to. But it’s likely to outwardly look like depression, stress and fatigue which leads to illness.

if you don’t see them getting stressed and tired, and minor colds, they’re healing about as fast or faster than you are draining.


I want to restore my youth.

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I meant what you’re doing to the target.

For this purpose you probably need more energy than another human can get you, because you need to make physically manifested changes that are not automatic on simply cultivating more qi, though doing that will slow down aging. I pull directly from the cosmos for this reason, this source is abundant and inexhaustible, and because it’s a clean source, unlike humans.

To rejuvenate you need to look into intentionally resetting your DNA to remove methyl groups and reextend your telomeres. (Mythyl groups are what build up over time and stop you producing all the proteins you need, like collagen, to stay young.) A good way to do this is to combine the intentional energy work and therapeutic fasting with strenuous exercise. These last two activate stem cells to replace senescent cells and those with heavy methylation, but fasting is also healing.

The work of Dr Jason Fung, Dr David Sinclair, Siim Land are very informative and you can get all the info just on youtube.


So the age of the target does not matter? What does it mean to drain from cosmos? The element of spirit?

There’s three types of qi that concern us a humans: cosmic, earth and human qi… human qi is human qi. All humans have imbalances you have to filter out so you don’t get sick.

No, it’s lifeforce energy, but it’s of the universe, not a human. Your body will automatically convert it to human qi that’s perfect for you.

I wrote up a quick blurb once on how to get it, it’s super easy:


It’s not possible to steal other’s youth?

Not that I’m aware of. I would see this as a two part process, baneful magic on them with the intention of accelerating ageing in them, and healing magick on yourself to rejuvenate. Maybe the intention “steal youth” would perform both at once? … but that seems like a hassle and extra work if all you actually want is to change yourself.

The energy for both is different and has to come from somewhere.

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Have you experienced you became younger by draining from cosmos?

It’s not ‘draining’, really, every human on the planet could take as much as they could manage, and it wouldn’t make a dent. This energy is that abundant.

Yes, this is part of my daily practice, I’m also combining it with fasting, dry fasting, supplements, exercise and diet, and magically working with Ebuhuel. Among other things. My current DNA age is 5 years younger than my chronological age, I’ll get it tested next year and I’m looking for a reduction not an increase :slight_smile:

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Wonder if it’s your pulling from cosmos alone or a combination of all these practices.

Another entity of interest for this is Ramtha. Now, Ramtha is a Lemurian guide of the lady J Z Knight, who wanted to “get into a space in her mind before she was sick”. She not only cured herself, she deaged 30 years. She is 70 and looks 40.

I don’t think that method is discussed in her books, as for her is was a side effect… she teaches at retreats, so contacting Ramtha directly might be an option, but I have not tried it yet. I’m reading a couple of her books before I make up my mind.

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All of the above. Each practice contributes something different that is easier to do with that practice than with one of the others.

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Try reading any book by Dr. Nicholas Perricone. They’re all basically saying the same thing no matter if your goal is to look youthful or reverse type 2 diabetes. In a nutshell, it’s the ketone diet with no diary or caffeine. Emphasis on eating leafy greens and fatty fish daily. It’s not easy but it works. He advises taking a picture of yourself then compare your appearance 6 months later. You’ll see a difference.

Regardless, if you do ever find yourself with some death energy, you can let it flow through you into places where it is good for you.