When a fae is lying

I recently started “working” with a fae, and I would like to know if there’s a way to know if they’re lying just in case it wants to trick me.

That’s more of a personal skill, you tell if theyre lying the same way you tell if a normal human being is lying. Either you can or you can’t, but fae arent going to inherently trick you unless did something to tick them off.


It’s about the relationship. Get that right and they’re more loyal friends than humans are built to be. Without that trust nothing.

Seelie fae will not maliciously ‘trick’ you, but they like to play, and the games might not amuse you.

Unseelie fae? just stay away, even if you have unseelie energy yourself or an unseelie past like like I do - being human now make you inherently untrustworthy, you have to earn the friendship.