When 1+1 doesn’t equal 2

Fckd up/ high /out there thought of the day: learning to accept its not what I wanted. It’s better.

I mean this in regards to when spirits deliver differently than requested.

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It must equal something. So… it’s either equals 2 or equals anything/everything except 2. Which is better? If you need it to equal 2 then it’s better if it equals 2. But it’s way more powerful if it equals anything/everything except 2.

In other words, when you insist on one possibility, you give yourself two options. One desired possibility or infinite possibilities minus one. Which is more powerful ? That’s one reason why lusting for result causes negative effect. When you consciously push the acceptance of one option, you’re subconsciously giving power to the other… even if it’s not the accurate answer mathematically. Because the energy you’re using will make it pass the logical reasoning part of the mind. And that’s what the spirit will receive.

Instead, try to include your desire in the infinite possibilities by accepting that you “don’t know” the outcome. Maybe what you want will happen, maybe not, maybe something better, maybe not. Accept them all. The positive and negative. Or at least, pretend! This way, your mind will be neutral and won’t interfere and block the probability of your desire by enforcing the more powerful option subconsciously, and that’s what the spirit will work to create.


@PrinceX Wow. That was highly intellectual and well thought out. The case in question was actually love working. Lol didn’t get the target so to speak, but what came is way better.

I definitely agree with you on pretty much all points, however sometimes we set ourselves on this is what is going to happen and I accept nothing else. This was the mindset I was referring to, and I see it often on the forums, especially in regulates to love workings.

Sometimes what we want isn’t the best we could have.


Thank you so much. They all work well, in my opinion. Accepting one desired outcome, or all possible outcomes, or rejecting them all and thinking nothing will happen. They all work because once the spell is done, the effect is in motion anyway. What we’re doing after the spell, is to prevent any undesired energy to interfere with that power we released in the spell.

Accepting all possible outcomes is easier, rejecting all is difficult and usually happens unintentionally, focusing on one desired outcome is more common because it’s logical, but it’s tricky in practice.

Whatever works best for you, that’s the best to use. Our minds are not the same in their reaction to the same thought or belief. But they all work the same way. So it’s better to make all options clear for you, allowing you to understand the effect of each option, then you choose the one that corresponds with your mind.

That is very true.

Glad you got something better. That is a success even if it’s not your original target. Wish you always the best.