Whats your opinions on Dr Stephen skinner

So this guy says you’re supposed to, dress up, wear crowns, use god names.

Have the right type on incense, summon at the right time and date for spirit.

Don’t eat fish or garlic

Says you don’t need to open your senses, or meditate.

Just use the solomonic techniques and a spirit will come.

Says spirits/demons can’t read your mind.


I’m sure most people here would disagree with him.


I’ve vaguely heard of him. I’m not worrying about what other people practice anymore or what they get/don’t get out of it.


Demons or spirits use telepathy and can indeed read minds, I do not agree with Skinner. Stephen Skinner is an Australian author, he self publishes a lot of his own books and is a lecturer on magic, and alchemy. What your writing is his opinion on conducting a ritual or magical beliefs, which may work for him but not for others. Magic is subjective, use his work as a base to get started and then use your own experience and knowledge to move your rituals forward.

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He’s a Scholar on the subject of magic and it’s not him that says those things, it’s the grimoires he translates like Lemegeton & Greek Magical Papyri (PGM).

He’s a traditionalist when it comes to magic, which means he follows the grimoires instructions to the letter. The exact opposite of Modernist magick, which places emphases on subjectivity.

His books are invaluable to anyone wanting to follow the grimoire tradition.


I mean I to an extent agree with the last bit, some entities might not have practiced/developed/focused on telepathy. Most entities are no different than us in the sense they most likely practiced the things they can do as they grew up. However, not impossible for them to read minds. I never held the belief that all demons or other entities can do anything and everything.

Heh, he sounds like a guy I would enjoy exchanging notes with but that’s it. To be honest, he sounds like a man claiming his way of doing things is the truth and nothing but the truth…no thankyou, I’ll pass.

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He’s full of shit.

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His method of solomonic evocation works and works well, if you have the material.

There are other, less elaborate ways to contact superconscious beings using trances, energy transference, and other means.