What's your opinion on teaching children about magick?

In most of the occult groups I’ve been in, kids were allowed. I find that strange because to me, the occult involves certain subjects I’d rather not discuss around kids. And I want to discuss occult topics in occult groups. I just don’t think Kids and random adults should be learning in the same space.

It got me thinking. How do I think a child should learn magick? I’d rather devote some spaces for specifically for adults and some for minors. In the ones for minors, adults would have to either be parents, relatives, or guardians, or receive a background check.

At first it would be something similar to boy scouts, fit with camping and other outdoor based activities to foster a closeness with nature. Though, the point would be to teach kids about mythologies from around the world. Have them be made familiar with various pantheons, heroes, and religious practices. Special events would be hosted where kids would mimic these stories.

Later on, as they get into middle school age, they’d get to learn about basic magical practices. I’d start with ceremonial magic, particularly with a focus on planetary magic. The activities would turn more academic as time goes on. And then it’d increase from there.

How do you think children should learn, or how do you teach them?

If you went to Church, would you say the same thing?

Can you say what? Aside from sex magick and death magick, I’m not sure there’s anything about what I practice I wouldn’t discuss with a kid. Sex is kinda obvious, but death magick because I don’t want my morals swaying a child who hasn’t yet been able to make up their own mind about that type of topic.

Can I ask why? Is it just in general you think adults around kids should be checked, or because the adults belong to the occult?

That sounds like a cool way to start!

I think they should learn as they’re ready. I would play magick music whenever, start meditations and magick movements (LBRP, tai-chi, yoga, etc.) when they’re super young. I would tell stories of the gods and demons to a child of any age. I would give an 8year old tarot cards and/or runes. Rituals should start when they’re small to I think, just simple ones. I think magick should be a part of everyday life. In a fun culty way, not a school way.


I’m on the fence with this topic. I think if the teacher only taught stuff like grounding and protection, it’d be fine, but not stuff like curses. To me, that’s like teaching a kid how to use a gun.

Even then, I feel like there should be some level of emotional maturity when learning magick, which kids (especially at the ages of 4 to 7) don’t typically have.


There are books available on introducing children to occult practices. Most of them come from the pagan or Wiccan religious point of view, though, and generally, talk about allowing children to participate in seasonal rituals and celebrations, and simple spells. Kids naturally do that kind of stuff anyway, so it’s not all that unusual, and talking to them about visualization and forming intentions, which are the bedrock of magick, is just showing them how to be human. Showing them how to manifest what they want a la Law of Attraction level stuff, is also good way to help them feel in control , confident, and secure in themselves.

PS: I edited the title because the original could be taken way out of context.


I won’t give my personal opinion on what others should do or not do, I’ll however share what I do with my kids.

My 9 year old girl has already started hearing voices and seeing things. That is beyond what I was capable of at her age. After I pacified her of the initial fright, I’ve explained to her that there is nothing to be afraid of and there are things beyond us. She also knows not to trust anyone or anything, and if anything seems even remotely off, she must bring it to my attention.

Both my kids (9 and 5) can ground, create very very basic wards for themselves. I have them practice visualisation every night in a fun way.

I also have the older one learn to meditate.

Like @DarkestKnight said I explain to them the basics of LOA practices and manifestation. Also the power of positive thinking and belief.

Bedtime stories about “evil” witches are modified to neutralise the witch image. They can decide what they want when they’re old enough.

As a parent it’s my job to remove all the stigma that the mainstream brings and give them a neutral and clean slate to start with. Additionally it’s my job to help them develop their senses and not be afraid of what’s beyond.

When the kids are older they’ll be in a better position to pick what path they want. Just because I’m an LHP practitioner doesn’t mean they have to be. But they must have a ground reality to go by and then when they’re of age they can make their own choices.

I’m fortunate enough where now my entire family knows I’m a practitioner and they’re supportive. Ofcourse they don’t know the details and they don’t need to. It took 18 years for me to come out, my kids shouldn’t have to wait that long. They are also taught about discretion on the magickal path and it must not be discussed openly. Invisibility is a gift, that we partly have control over.

In essence, I give them age appropriate knowledge while strengthening their foundation so THEY can make the choice of their path, whenever that is.


Churches have a different vibe, but they also do have their own spaces for kids. However, they also have their own troubles too.

To answer your question, blood magick, demon conjuring, and necromancy. I’d have them be 18+.

A friend of mine was molested in his scout troop. So, I’m a bit protective with kids. The occult community already has a stigma of being predatory. And I’d rather fight against it.

Also, I’m in class with early college students. I think it’s weird, and I feel like I shouldn’t be.

What I’m describing is more of an after-school program. Kids can learn as they go, but this is how I’d teach them.

This sounds cool imo! I would have loved something like this when I was young and now that I have my own child, I’d love to put him in something like that! As long as the parents were shown what was going to be taught and the instructor or however it would work were safe with it all.

Kids are already magick, you want to support them in thier experiences, and give them a framework to understand them in a healthy way.

I was told that if I told anyone what I could see I would be “taken away”, which is a step up from telling me I was imagining things, but didn’t let me develop my senses and I switched them off.

So I feel like there’s more than one question in your post:

  1. Can kids understand magick? Yes
  2. What’s the best framework to teach kids magick? I think that as long as it’s legal the parents will teach the magick they know, from thier culture, if they know any. Parents are the responsible people here.
  3. And yes, laws should be followed where kids are not exposed to adult topics.

I think it depends on what occult topic you are discussing and the age of the child in question.

Angels are an occult topic even Christian’s, Jewish persons, and Muslims are ok with (more or less) so you could even teach a toddler about them without fear of repercussions from outsiders.

On the other hand demons and black magic are taboos to virtually all of society thanks to the 3 main monotheistic religions, their offshoot branches and Hollywood so teaching that stuff to children until they reach an age where they know what they can talk about versus not is iffy at best stupid at worst.

Before anyone gets riled by “stupid at worst” I’m thinking of those places in the world where you could be put to death for doing magick and those places where your kid could be removed from your home because you are doing ‘crazy’ shit and the innocents need to be protected places in the world as well as those areas in more lenient parts where extremists of mainstream if they hear of it from your kid will spout false child abuse claims to try and get your kid away from you evil devil worshipping witch.

My view is consider where you are, the age sense and maturity level of your child and what could happen if the child talks about it to people like their teacher or their friends and if there’s a chance of some unpleasant repercussions only teach them the parts of the occult that are acceptable like angels and healing magick (in lenient parts of the world) and save teaching the darker stuff til they reach an age of common sense where they know what’s ok and what’s not ok to talk about to strangers and acquaintances. (Add: and of course consider and obey the laws of your country as mentioned by Mulberry).

Magic is a fundamental part of life, so it should be approached the same way you’d introduce a kid to finances if you were so inclined and responsible enough to do so.

The way our society has previously cracked down on those who wish to embrace their own power and spirit should not be something which influences the development of our future generations.

Of course there are things which come first such as reading, writing plus how to create and keep a schedule which keeps the child happy and healthy. This is the responsibility of the parents as well as a school, therefore I believe any magical education should be handled by the parents or at least with the influence of a legal guardian.

@Mulberry is totally right, kids are already magickal.
They have not unlearned to see it yet.
Your child will eventually come to you and tell you something they saw or heard and while children do say funny stuff sometimes, I would always listen carefully and never tell them what they think is not real, obviously, and take them seriously.
And by doing that, you have already made a better job than maybe 99% of the parents.

If they come to you with some kind of ability you should teach them how to control that first. If they can see or hear, teach them how to banish what they don’t want to witness while not being afraid of their power.

I’d be careful with putting my own views on my child. To an extent of course, I’d tell them what I know, but they are their own entity and their interest might be elsewhere and that’s totally ok.


I think that you should start by teaching them self control, discipline, And self awareness. I would argue that these are Prerequisite skills.


Wow! I wasn’t even 18 when I started down that path. I was 15 I believe.

Makes so much sense. I support that a lot.

This doesn’t make sense to me. Most children and young adults are often exposed to a group where there’s a range of ages.

That sounds pretty awesome! I know there have been some attempts at actually adding an “occult” group to after school programs. The Church and administration has, historically, pushed back a lot and I think that those groups weren’t actually teaching anything “demonic.” It would be so cool if these things could be more normal though. I started wearing a pentagram around my freshman year of highschool and people said a lot of things.

Actually, I’d encourage parents to be just as involved as they would in boy or girl scouts. In fact, I would say that parents would be the ideal people to be involved.

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When you’re a rebellious teen, it’s easy to get into the darker stuff.

No my friend was violated and I wanted some people to suffer.

Maybe I was generally rebellious to though.

Protection magic or a very special enn just for kids, in case they were to be alone, cornered, and about to be harmed/molested.

That’s a nice take @Nightside , here I am thinking I’d be teaching my kids spirit names to chant out and scare people away as they wave an athame.

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