What's your favorite type of energy?


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I’m ashamed to admit this, but when I taste young girls usually the energy returned whipping back to me gives me a head buzz and rush that rivals the finest drugs. Yes, I have noticed that each person is different. The energies could be related to drugs, wines, and all the variations therein. I never thought to try an accident before. Do you worry that the energy returned is corrupted in some fashion, or are you able to assimilate it? I always try for youthful, healthy people. Groups work too, but the energy returned doesn’t seem to be as fine and potent to me.

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When I perform in front of audiences I pull the energy of the crowd to myself. This is not an intentional pull the energy that’s moving around the room into myself. Actually this happens anytime I’m in a crowded room, bar, restaurant, ect. I’ve noticed that the energy I pull in is negative. I’m a magnet for anger, hate, fear and depression. I’m often overwhelmed by the energy rush. Unfortunately it always puts me in an angry or depressed mood. I’m not sure how to filter and use this massive energy boost that fills me. I often see the energy on the astral and expel it with explosive force in all directions. I feel it leave my lower chakra points. It’s like a nuclear explosion leaving in all directions. Once this happens my mood lifts. Though it’s often too late to avoid the consequences of vibing out a room or creeping my friends out. How do you guys filter this energy? How do you use it to benefit your rituals?

ZachD555: necromaster mentioned some recommended books on another thread on this topic. Might be worth your time to check into it:


I like to feed off the sexual energy from young females as well, it is very potent. Otherwise I feed off the negative emotions of others and thicken it to fuel my own magick

When I was a child, it was the prayer energy sent to the president. Now, most religious people in the country hate the president and think he’s a Muslim, so it was a nice gravy train while it lasted.

I fear it shall never again be useful, since most people are waking up to the fact that the president isn’t just some average guy, he’s probably closer to being Count Blackula.

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-Frater Apotheosis

If I feed off another person, if I intend to do them harm, I’ll pull directly from their Ze’al chakra at the base of their skulls. This chakra connects to the Sahasrara Chakra, the Ajna Chakra, and to a lesser extent the Vishudda Chakra.

While you can do this through accessing the chakra directly, you should know that the Ze’al chakra is directly linked to the hands. When you active it in yourself, you can feel the power pulse down through your arms and out of your hands. So, the ultimate way to feed off of this chakra is during sex, touching palm to palm with your partner, breathe in and pull deep, deeper, deeper and you’ll get the juice from their Ze’al.

I’ve noticed that not too many people can feed this deep, though. They basically get gorged on the regular energies that they intake as they work their way deep enough to get to the Ze’al force.

The trick is to cycle the regular energy back into your victim as you feed. This will usually provide an intense power rush to them, as you’re mixing your own energy in with theirs before sending it back. They’ll experience a combination of intense multiple orgasm along with a sense that they are absolutely in love with you.

Keep doing this until you hit the Ze’al power. You’ll know it when you do… it feels like you slammed your fist into God’s ribcage, pulled his heart out, and taken a bite of it before it stops beating.


And I thought I was the only one! But yes everything EA said is true… try it… master your beastly desires to gain real power… so much better than normal sex anyways… sex to another level. And this is why I have slept with less than ten people.


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Imagine a snake head with the eyes peering out through your brain, and then go through the base of the spine and up through the other persons spine and imagine the snake head peering through their eyes also… feel it, knowing that it’s really happening… and just see the results. I got the spontaneous idea to do this recently and the man freaked out and had an instant uncontrollable orgasm… anyway. wonder how it would work for someone else. haha let me know.

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Yes, indeed I have, but this can be achieved through various tantric practices as well.

To be clear, though, what I describe above concerning the Ze’al chakra is different from simply feeding from the heightened energies during sex.

[quote=“E.A., post:13, topic:644”]Yes, indeed I have, but this can be achieved through various tantric practices as well.

To be clear, though, what I describe above concerning the Ze’al chakra is different from simply feeding from the heightened energies during sex.[/quote]

I had never heard the term Ze’al before. From a tantric perspective the equivalent is most likely the bhastaka granthi, around the medulla oblongata. This is the point where Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna Nadis all come together. It is the negative pole of the Ajna Chakra. Sometimes it is referred to as the “seat of the soul”.

This area is basically like a main junction that connects to some other very important Chakras like the Sahasrara. It is a reservoir of Prana. If you were to successfully manipulate this area, that person would become seriously messed up. Done correctly they would die instantly. Not a practice to take lightly.

Are you referring to an orgasm without ejaculation? What happens to most men is that various nadis are blocked, so that energy needs to come out somewhere. If you were to work on sending prana easily from Muladhara to Sahasrara, then there would be a new path for that energy to go once you were on the verge of orgasm. From there you can consciously will it up to the Sahasrara without ejaculation, resulting in a type of full body orgasm. This can be done for hours, for days for the adventurous. :wink:

This can be done without sexual energy as well though by generating prana and sending it up to Sahasrara, which is the point of certain Kriya Yoga practices.


I have an ex-fiance that I was off and on with for about 6 years…When we had sex, it would be for hours on end. There were quite a few times we got to over 10 hours straight…During these times I never had to wait for it to get back up, it never went down, not once…Also, there was a release of ejaculation in the beginning of each sexual act, but, as we didn’t stop and it never went down, he would orgasm, and there was no more ejaculate coming out, and he was still erect…It was quite an intense cycling of energy/deep feed…

[quote=“UndeadGod333, post:16, topic:644”]What I am actually describing is alleged to not be a Tantric practice. I’ve experienced different methods of cycling energy and prolonged and multi orgasms using Tantra but there is a myth about this “dark gift”. The King making ritual of Sumer and Egypt. This is with ejaculation and no down time.

Check this shit out:

So I see the studies on MRP but it seems like they haven’t figured out how to control it yet.


I have never experimented with this but I do hear happy virgin girls are the best