What's your element

What’s the element you connect to the most


Primary: Air Secondary:Water

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Air is my primary, water after that, and just enough earth. Fire is something I lack and struggle with.

Water, being the dominant one I would say.

Hm, I’ve not really thought about it in terms of personal preference. I go off what planetary elemental influences effect my natal chart.

I have a lot of Air, and then above average Water.

But I’m more interested in Water, because it’s so deep and emotional. Air is quick and spiritual in its own way, but superficial too.

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When I think about working with the elements or elemental spirits, I also feel drawn mostly to water; and particularly appreciating the operative step a la Bardon to put themselves in its sphere, as if I was immersed and surrounded.by water…

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Water, wind and metal. In that order

Water and Air

Fire and Earth.

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Air and fire.

Dominant is :sweat_drops:
Can anyone who has evoked the (or any) elements tell me roughly what it feels like and what methods they used?
I ask because the joy of Satan site says to follow their steps because it’s dangerous so I wanted to see if anyone has defied their truth

I invoke them using Sanskrit mantras.

Dangerous my right butt cheek. I’ve never even seen their elements stuff.

But make sure that you ground yourself. Always.


You’ll have to Experience that for yourself. Some things are difficult to explain.


Well I’m pretty sure is this:

Primary: Fire
Secondary: Water

Water, Fire/Earth and Spirit. No Air tho :sob:

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I’m pretty sure my primary element is Pizza, and my secondary is most likely Monster drinks :thinking:


Imo you can’t evoke them at will, they do what they want. I use different coloured candles and request them to come as I lit the candle. Every element gets some words of appreciation and what I want from them. Sometimes they manifest and I can feel the water embrace me or smell the earth etc. But sometimes (especially when I started calling them) they simply do not come this was for maybe half a year that I couldn’t feel them.
If they like you tho they will come even if you don’t call out to them. You will know because you know the elements. For example I was healing someone, pulled something out of her and as I was holding this thing (I didn’t know where to put it) a tiger made out of fire arised, sat beside me and ate it.

This! :+1:


I used to drink a lot of Monster’s at work, but I recently switched to making bulletproof coffee. Way better for you.

I can’t stand the taste of coffee, so energy drinks are the only way I can inject…er…drink caffeine.

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Fair enough, although bulletproof coffee is coffee with 2 tablespoons of organic unsalted butter and 1 tablespoon of MCT oil (Coconut oil) put in a cup and blended together. I also add a raw egg for protein. It still has a coffee taste, but not nearly as strong.

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