What's your ASMR type.?


Which is your favourite type of ASMR?
Mine is Gaming Asmr


I don’t know if this really counts, but there are three people I watch/listen to regularly to relax and put me in my happy place. One being Bob Ross. The other two being on YouTube. Peter Draws, and Tim from GrandIllusions. I’m don’t know much about ASMR but from my understanding these guys voices qualify.


Rain hitting the window sill


I love hair brushing ASMR. Ilike the youtube channel of Tingting ASMR :ok_hand:t2::+1:


And Now which is least favourite
Mine is Chewin Gum
Idk but i feel disgusting and weired when i listen that


I don’t have one lol ASMR makes me cringe lol.


Bob Ross = :heart:

What about Sir Richard Attenborough?


Anytime people are lip smacking and loud chewing ugh


Not as good to me personally, but I certainly have no trouble listening lol.


Massage asmr.


Plus, she is hot AF !! :scream:


Same, and makeup application (role play or watching it on other people) and the reiki and energy healing ones as well. And massage. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Wow, this one is awesome, thanks for the link! I SO needed this after a busy night and a bunch of paperwork still to do! :laughing:


Happy to help !

I love make up application and face skin care too, thats soooo relaxing. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


gardening and home improvement


Crackling fire makes my head tingle


Oh that’s a good one. @Oddnan


Cricket sounds for me :heart:


So there was this girl…that was really into hearing me talk and eat on the phone once.


Michael Jackson 's high pitched voice especially Smooth Criminal one


The only video that has truly given me tingles which also happens to be one of the first I watched, many many years ago is the Electric razor sound video by 3D sounds.
The only one I can count on when I want to experience tingles. Other ASMR videos mostly relax me.