What's wrong with me?


There is a guy I like a lot, we are talking everyday and since the beginning he told me he likes me and i am beautiful.
Then he began to be more distant so i did the core ritual with Sallos from Demon of magick by Damon Brand may be 3 weeks ago but nothing changed… then i called Dantalion 3 days ago and create a servitor for men to lust and love after me. The servitor worked very well because he spoke more with ne, yestersay he told me i had all he is looking for in a woman so of course i was happy. I also use word of power over his photo (zoram).
This morning when i wake up i saw he bloked me on WhatsApp (we were talking only by this media). Seriously i dont get it! His last messages were loveable etc and then he did that.
What’s wrong with me ?
Im really mad at him right now!


His subconcious is fighting back.Be patient,he will come to you sooner.
Also he might find out that you put a spell on her,but highly unlikely.


Problem is not in you…Thats because of your love spell and his will to fight against it, mainly unconsciously … Dont stop with it , continue…he must first give up :grimacing:
With some people love spells are harder so you will need patience for this case …because those cases are fighters lol :joy: but… they almost always at the end surrender :woman_shrugging:t2:


And @Dremora thank you for your answers. I send im a message on facebook as he didnt block me here, may be because he never use it, to know why he did that.
Do i have to continue to use word of power?
Why after telling me im his kind of girl he blocked me without a fucking word. Maybe he is afraid but come on… not a single word!!
He is not into witchcraft etc… but maybe someone told him “i think someone cast a spell on you”…
How can i know? Im so mad at him that i could curse him for generations :sweat_smile::rofl:


I would continue …you need to break him …
He blocked you maybe because he has inner fights - he doesnt know what is happening, he doesnt know if he wants your or not…when a person is little bit sensitve they are fighting a lot :joy: or there can also be possibility that someone told him something about spell…if so back up for a while and than hit him again with that spells but much harder :ok_hand:t2: love spells are like fishing :woman_shrugging:t2: you are a fisherman and men are fishes :grimacing:


Keep doing that.Seriously either he will go insane or he will be yours.
But dont forget love spells wear out.


not all of them, there are some who lasts for whole life…also there are some who lasts forever ( i mean really forever- every incarnation etc.)
there is small possibility that he would go insane …


Might be,but she wouldnt ask that question with such a powerful spell.


She would… because that man would be fighting against it same maybe even more…


Are you really telling me she is capable of putting lifelong lasting spell but she doesnt know the victim will fight back ? :grin:


Haha you make me laugh… hm i hope nobody open his mouth to tell " i ThInK sOMeOnE pUt A sPeLl On YoU" !
I cant get how someone can think “i think i LOVE her, lets block her!”


Firstly you are underestimating her if you assume that she cant cast such a spell, secondly i have never said that she does not realise the victim will fight back, I said that if she wants to make him love her she has to continue and break him… This by itself means that he is figting back and she realises that so if you have read to whole conversation ( which you probably havent as you are saying what we have already agreed on) :wine_glass: And i suggest to finish this,it is already off topic.


Oh it was just a joke i would never do that ^^.


Come to pm I will kick your ass :rofl:


Sorry about spams :grinning:


lol :joy::joy::joy: true about that opening mouth… he is just resisting it neeeds time girll :ok_hand:t2:


I dont want people to fight because of me ^^.

I was thinking about doing the manipulate spell by EA Koettings but instead of the black candle using a red candle…


yea you can try that ! when i was doing love spells i used green candles and i have done it everytime on fridays … if you want to know which spell i used i can pm you :ok_hand:t2:


We arent fighting,no worries,she is a fraud :sweat_smile:
Candle color wont matter,you can give it any meaning you want.


So this is where love spells take a turn, when some kind of other reaction happens and it wasn’t expected. Now, you can further your extent and wear his personality out to your will (which I’d consider a touch domineering) or you could let loose.