What's with the light and voice effects in some of E.A.'s videos?

I can’t help but think this is just video editing, yes?

Yes, they seem to have theta waves behind so to make them more penetrating to the mind.

Ahhh okay, thanks

It is the mighty spirits of the Liber CC Adobe AfterEffects!

Lmfao. I was like “If I were as ignorant and uneducated about magick as half the world’s population, I’d probably believe the light show and sound effects were ACTUALLY HAPPENING”

If you want some very good ideas of what I mean about ignorant and uneducated about magick - to the point of pure, HILARIOUS fantasy… - check out the “spells” section of www.spellsofmagic.com

In the course of my attempts to find a community such as the BALG forums frequented by practicing magicians and those seeking to learn legitimate magick, I came across the aforementioned website, it didn’t take me long at all to conclude that that website is full of… Completely unqualified individuals offering completely useless advice.

When I found the BALG forums, my search was over. And to this date, I have not found a more helpful and quality magick themed forum. There are thousands of spirituality forums, lucid dreaming, astral projection, and etc.

What I was seeking is EXACTLY what BALG is, PRACTICAL spirituality. Since the year I discovered my empathic capabilities (at age 13) and subsequent discovery of spirituality, I had thought "what good is all this spiritualism if it isn’t USEFUL for anything? I want spirituality to help me achieve practical results!

In short, I’m in the right place.

Magick looks deceptively uneventful sometimes, especially work done in trance where your body’s not likely to be doing much apart from the occasional convulsive twitch, and a few times I’ve felt that people I did healing work on gave off an aura of disappointment that there were no Buffy The Vampire Slayer style SFX going on, even when I was actually busy on the astral planes battling off malevolent forces or whatever.

All the less psychically attuned people could see was someone lying down: some saw more, and depending on what I was doing, some felt huge energy shifts taking place in their own body, but it was still nothing like the movies!

I think this is the reason a lot of shamans in indigenous cultures put on a show, with dancing and chanting - it keeps the observers happy and they feel like they got value for money.

And it’s about more than just letting people see a token of the work you put in, there have been studies showing that the effects of a prescribed medication can be affected by how much faith the doctor shows in it when they issue it to the patient, so there’s a solid practical reason to make sure things are represented well.

Back to the videos, I think the sound effects are used to denote what’s EA speaking, and what’s a demon or whatever speaking through him. I think it’s really cool!

I get the purpose of it, and it’s fair. It’s as good a reason as any. I just don’t like it. I think it’s wannabe-Hollywood. I’d prefer there was no voice distortion in the video. But like I wrote, I understand why, it’s just my personal taste.

I understood it was helping to illustrate the point that EA has a demon speaking through him, but I think it creates an unrealisticy expectation in many that perpetuates the idea that magick is about the clouds parting with Angels descending therefrom while the Earth shakes and demons rise from the fissure.