What's up with this?

Over the years I’ve discussed the fact that people who are black magicians don’t become one they are born one. This in all actuality would seem to be true since we have very similar lives compared to the rest of the sheep. It seems that the life that forges a black magician is one of diversity and tragedy. At least for me, this is what makes my will so potent in ritual or everyday life. Even though I’ve gotten what I’ve wanted in this physical plane I don’t understand why we must go through this shit? Is it a test?

“It seems that the life that forges a black magician is one of diversity and tragedy”

i would be inclined to agree.
however i don’t think that its a must, but i think it can catapult your powers once you reached a certain stage in your development.

for me, I avoided black my interest for black magic all my life (i have always have inclination for the occult, as many here), until things got seriously fucked up and I needed to refelct into personal power and shit, now I noticed that I was forcing myself to ignore and avoid something I’ve always fell drown to such as working with demons, vampirism, etc…

my life is not particulary tragic but things got seriously fucke up the last two years and got into rock bottom, that kind of thinG

I definitely think it’s a test. In fact I had the notion before I even got into magick (very recently) that something just lurks over us and wants us to suffer. You have to make the conscious decision to not be a victim and rebel against it

In Gnostic philosophy the thing that is suffering(enslaving) us is called the Demiurge. Their creation myth implies that Sophia(Earth) was a divine Aeon who basically got ‘separated’ from the center of the galaxy, wound up here, asleep, has children(us, who are ultimately of the divine source/God). This demi-urge runs the show while she sleeps…they actually identify the corrupt demiurge as the Jewish God , lol. This stuff is all in the NagHammati scriptures, probably why they keep those off the radar.

Not saying I identify 100% with this theory, but yea it seems something or someone has been enslaving mankind for a few thousand years. Maybe we had a good run in the Atlantean age? Maybe America was free for about 70 years? Doesn’t seem like humanity can make it very long without succumbing to it’s own stupidity of self-enslavement by doing the bidding of a few cunning men though religion, government, and banks, institutions that create absolutely NOTHING, yet humanity bows to them like stupid animals.

Ultimately though, it’s all a matter of perspective. I know for me without my trials I would have never gotten my new perspective on life. You have to be broken, to be rebuilt, don’t you?

Without suffering, there can be no breakthrough.
Without pain, nothing is healed.
Without challenge, nothing is earned.

Examine this koan for a better understanding:

JOSHU asked the teacher Nansen, “What is the true Way?”

Nansen answered, “Everyday way is the true Way.”

Joshu asked, “Can I study it?”

Nansen answered, “The more you study, the further from the Way.”

Joshu asked, “If I don’t study it, how can I know it?”

Nansen answered, “The Way does not belong to things seen: nor to
things unseen. It does not belong to things known: nor to things
unknown. Do not seek it, study it, or name it. To find yourself on
it, open yourself wide as the sky.”

So you see, it’s all about perspective, isn’t it?

The problem to me with having a clear cut path is that without experiencing the downs of lifes, the highs are much less impressive.

@The Eye I have been working through what you are referring to with the path of ease, and so far it is actually working far better than any sense of struggle. Granted, I arrived here through struggle, but this struggle was mainly because I was wrestling with all the extremely profound yet highly contradictory information out there. “The unlimited state is our natural state, but you must toil to get there”… fuck that. I don’t toil to fart, breath, have a heartbeat, eat, blink an eye, or anything that comes to me naturally. Rather, when I am trying to force something into the world, that’s when shit gets retarded.

I feel that magic wouldn’t be worthwhile without struggle for most because we are addicted to this paradigm of struggle. There are plenty of things to enjoy about power gained easily, but our perceptions of reality are so finite, that it’s hard for people to realize this power outside of that small frame. That’s why the power of magick, that should literally be able to do anything, struggles to even help folks take care of basic survival needs. Despite using magick, folks still want to work for money, toil through relationships, or feel the need to “open opportunity” for magick to manifest. All this, in my experience, is more of a hindrance to magick than anything else.

Magick isn’t even perceived as a physical event by the general magick communities. If you want to make money, there has to be open channels for it… kind of defeats the purpose if you ask me. But I can only guess that this is the by-product of the struggle mentality, because it only makes sense from that perspective. I went through the struggle phase, and realized that there was little nobility to it. I could mention my struggles, and at the end of the day they didn’t serve shit but my own “hero’s journey”. And yet, it wasn’t til I put that shit down that things got magical, so hey… I think we gotta admit that the human race has just been playing games with itself up until now. It’s why I don’t really take these magical traditions or orders as anything to hold in too high regard over what a person can do independently, because the Earth hardly reflects the result of people who have used their skills in an unlimited fashion. If anything, it has been the complete opposite.

I arrived here through struggle, but this struggle was mainly because I was wrestling with all the extremely profound yet highly contradictory information out there. "The unlimited state is our natural state, but you must toil to get there"... fuck that

the1gza I can greatly relate to that

If struggle is the kind of think that gets you into magick, then a magickal path it is obviously simpler… taking away the confussion, kicking tragedies in the groint and buttraping your fears…

that “hero’s journey” you talk about, totally right… is kind of like Don Juan tells Castaneda about the paths:

"Don Juan: you must choose a path.

Castaneda: why? where does it lead the right path? where does it lead the wrong path?

Don Juan: all paths lead to the same end, but the difference is in how you arrive"… or something like that, but you get the point

the thing is, there is gold at the end, whatever path you choose… now… .you can choose to drag over needles and shit or you can walk the path of glory, enjoyment and pranking (or whatever makes your day)…

I think the problem about “paths” is when you get to follow other people’s as a way to ignore your own journey or to not walk at all… staying there as a miserable human… so close yet so far from your own godhood, man now I see it, if someone lives like that it deserve to be cannon fodder, even, perhaps that is what is going to help it wake up, and only perhaps.