Whats up with that?

Why do some people always make an assumption of X entity being Y entity of other race/pantheon/mythology?

If anyone really desires to do this, by all means, go ahaed, learn etymology, old and usued languages as well, read all myths, make up your mind.Then do some confirmation with evocation/invocation.Confirmation is important after all.

But in all honesty, some people I have seen is like treating some entities are like, lets say, one aspect is cheese of a pizza and other aspect it meat parts of it.And they do this without putting the work, which makes me question how many guys are delusional or downright dealing with parasites.

Just because their names maybe similar doesnt make anyone connected, people.This is not a theatre group which couple of beings dress as different ones.

While its for certain some beings had changed names, be it because of human lang, be it because they reincarnated, be it because of a reason I dont know.But this stuff has really became a tasteless soup.

So, please yall, without utmost confirmation, dont jump into X=Y conclusions.Sorry for ranting but I think this had to be said.


Sometimes we just have to say it and get it off our chests. :heart:

Here have some tea :tea:


it confuses peeps if its wrong too

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Praise Satan someone finally said something

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