Whats up w demons and semen as an offering?

Just did an evocation w agares & came to an agreement. He wanted semen as the offering upon completion. Being that its related to making a SP come to me i guess it makes sense. I told him im more willing to make offerings of high quality food & drink.

If i promised food but decide he did a really good job can i still offer semen?

I mean, why wouldn’t you be able to? What is there to be concerned about?

I could definitely do it it just sounds like a big offering. I guess it would make my connection w him better

Maybe pull some tarot cards, or use your preferred method of divination, since this seems more personal and dependent on how you feel about the offering and your relationship with the entity.

Follow your gut and do what YOU want. If it feels a bit much then it probably is. Never let an entity push you around. Sets a bad precedent, and sometimes they’re testing you to make you stand your ground.


You can but be sure to give the food/drink first since that is what you negotiated to do.

Myth, Mul, and Kish hit the relevant points here. You should fulfill your end of the agreement as agreed upon. If you feel you WANT to give semen, then do so. Same with blood.

Lot of fear mongering in the Occult community about giving blood. Mostly by people that don’t have a lot of experience using it or that buy into dogma of one system or another. You’re already giving DNA with touch, sweat, and semen.

Unless you believe you’ll be reincarnated into the same family line (some cultures do), then you’re going to need a spiritual binding that lasts through incarnations for this fear mongering to be true. Blood is temporary. Spirit is not.


I concur. If an exchange was laid out better to honor it or find a really good reason not to.

But personally I believe I’ve offered semen atleast once to all major deities I’ve worked with and no problems here. Just depends on personal gnosis


Thanks to all the replies here guys! Prime rib & tea it is.