What's this? Visual field with eyes closed?

Some minutes ago I went to bed to sleep… but this got me out again.

I close my eyes and it is like I have a visual field in the middle of my eyes, where everything is lighter and around it, like a fog and the usual darkness, when in a dark room with closed eyes.

I waited, thought maybe it’s a visual trick, but even after 5 minutes, nothing changed or faded.

It is as if looking through a window, but there’s just some light in that area and nothing more to see. It almost feels, as if there could be something, but as if a curtain in front would hide things.

It is not simply a light spot, but about 30-50% of the vision and the brightness gets even more after awhile, rather than fading. There is no light source in my room. It is very perceivable. Can I even sleep like this? shrugs

It cannot be something physical I think, so what’s left is, that maybe it is something spiritual? 1-2 things came to mind, but not gonna mention them as I don’t know at all if anything relates, to get unbiased replies.

Any ideas or someone who can relate to this?

So, it gets more weird.

Yes, the “field” still there even though I got up and wrote here and quite some time passed.

I tried to see if I “see” something looking around. Still felt like everywhere a curtain hides anything I could have seen. Field still there.

Then tried to visualize locations or other things, see if this does anything and something may appear. No result.

Then I tried to “actively” utilize whatever that may been. Suddenly, it’s as if I “closed” the window and it were gone almost in an instant. Now, the usual darkness again, when I close my eyes. Cannot “reopen”/make it appear it or don’t know how to do it (if that were any kind of psychic ability happening here).

Possible explanations? Guesses?

yeah i’ve had that too… looks like i was through a keyhole or like a piece of cloth…
Get used to it… you’ll see a bunch of weird shit as your gifts start to develop.
the other day for some reason i could see from what looked like a small market i’ve never been in… no idea why. I could see the people walking… the cashier…🤷

Probably just a physical phenomena

If it’s a physical phenomena, then there should exist an explanation for this… however, I can’t find one. Do you know one?