What's the truth/What should I do?

Hey everyone. Hope you’re all doing well!

I quit magic and idolisation of spirits, demons, angels and gods months ago, due to frustration/lack of results.

I’ve been digging into Christianity and really like it. I see how great of an effect Christianity has on other people, but I can’t really believe in it, knowing what I know.

I worked with many demons and always had positive experiences. They may have been resultless, but the demons were always kind, mature and respectful. So I cannot believe how Lilith is a babykiller, belial is this piece of shit etc.

All doors are open to me, even though I ended my relationships with demons by tearing all my sigils and insulting. I know I can come back to them, they’re very forgiving.

Now I’m kinda stuck in the middle. Idk what to believe or do. I wanna do magic, but I’m afraid it won’t work. I also changed my life around to the point where it’s me who gets stuff done, so I don’t really require the help anymore.

I guess I just wanna know the truth of God, spirits, demons and angels and then work with them.

What do you guys think?

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I’m the same, I want to know everything about what’s real. My approach here is to continue to research with a focus on the mystery school teachings and beliefs of ancient civilization underlying the religions: to look into where they came from and why.

A lot of the newer stuf, by which I mean anything from 2k years ago and later, is overlaid with translations of translations and interpretations based in politics and laziness or misunderstandings that confuse things.

The further back you go the more interesting it gets.


Honestly, even if we tell you something accurate your subconscious will always find something to deny in it unconsciously due to your filters

I’d say just smoke some DMT, experiment with psychedelics, it seems you have doubts in magick, this can be fixed, it’s kind of like a spiritual coma what you are going through, I had this when I first started magick, psychedelics popped me open and showed me the vastness of spirit

Demons stem from the work Daemon which means genius or powerful spirit, there are to classifications

Kakodaemons- evil spirits

Kalodaemons- benevolent spirits

I have an interest in daemon channels as well, specifically the medieval esoteric currents spark my energy a lot.

If you really want to understand more, id suggest looking into Gnostic Christianity, Kemetic Spirituality, Atlantis, Taoism, Qigong, Hermetic sciences etc.

Sometimes you need to make sense of magick in the left brain before you can connect the left hemisphere with the right one which is where the inner genie is, when you balance both that’s where the magick happens. And you will get results because you’re harmonizing your magick between light and darkness which forms the eye and when it’s balanced the magick creates itself through the spectrum of 100% reality

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Oooof… uh… are you sure (about the “forgiving” part)? If someone asks you for a favor and then spits on you, throws stuff at your home front, and insults you because you didn’t get the result for them quick enough, would you just forgive them like nothing happened when they ask you for a favor again? Would you even listen to what they need or want?

Your problem is your lack of faith. You know what is the actual fuel for manifestations? Whether it’s the law of attraction, chaos magick, wicca, religions…

FAITH. It’s always about keeping a blind faith despite the odds and despite everything seeming to not go in your favor. It’s your faith/belief that manifests things.

It’s not like we can “switch spirits” and some will work and others won’t. It’s not about the spirits, it’s about our faith in them. If we don’t believe, they won’t do anything for us. Why would they?

Actually, it all makes sense. You just gotta read between the lines and separate what’s true from what’s been told by men/humans/powerful people throughout history.

It’s all true, but everyone tells the story differently. In the same way, the old gods of ancient pantheons are all the same people (the same family, actually). They’ve just been given different names and details to their stories throughout the ages, but if you study ancient mythologies you’ll soon realize it’s the exact same story being told over and over again (in ancient Egypt, in South/Central America, in the Nordic countries, in Asian countries, etc). It’s always the same people. All those people from different points of the world witnessed the same, and wrote it down in their own ways and styles.

Personally, I think Jesus was the greatest metaphysical master that ever lived among us. Of course, he got killed. How could he not? He was out of time and space, and humanity was not ready for him (still isn’t). At the same time, there’s the mystery of the Holy Trinity: Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and God. They’re one, but they’re not the same.

So what happened when Jesus, an aspect of God, was killed? What about that “last temptation” to try to get him to desist from his purpose? Personally, from what I’ve meditated and the messages I got, the ones “tempting” him weren’t actually doing it because they hate humanity and didn’t want us to resurrect after we die… but because it was unnecessary. Why do such a terrible sacrifice, when God could have just snapped his fingers and say “boom! resurrection for everybody! have a good day!”? It was not necessary for Jesus to die, much less for him to do so in such a gruesome, painful way. The so-called “demons” thought it was unfair, unnecessary, and curiously also motivated from ego and pride of God, because he knew Jesus would become a praised figure for ages. Reminder: Jesus was one with God. He was his son aspect… but he was also the father himself. He could have decreed resurrection for anybody any time, but this is the way he wanted it done. He wanted his human/son aspect to be nailed to a cross, tortured, and killed. He wanted humanity to witness it, record it, and remember it.

But how could it be that I also work with demons and other spirits? Because we’re all pieces on the board. Demons come from The Eternal One as well, they have their own purposes, whether they like it or not (as we do!). If He wanted them destroyed, he’d just do it. But they have their roles to play, and they’re aspects of Him as well. God is not all “love and light” as religions would have you believe. He’s also “wrath and darkness,” he’s all that is. We can ignore the shadows and darkness as much as we want, but it will still be there.

And then we got Jude. Was he evil for turning Jesus in? He was doing his part. He was playing his role and doing what he had to do. It was him, but it could have been anyone else. Someone had to. There would be no Jesus to remember without Jude.

The more you look back and study ancient mythologies, pantheons, and religions… the more you realize it all makes a lot of sense. It adds up. You just gotta take away all the human interests that so many have added to ancient texts as time passed by to benefit from political power, turning beliefs into organized religions that intend to tell people what to do and how to live, believing themselves to be Him.

Just my 2 cents :smiling_face:

Indeed, power hungry men created those divisions in the past: Judaism vs Christianity, God and angels vs demons… On an occasion I even went for alternately saying Christian and demonolatry prayers… now I prefer to do things a bit separately, as E. A. says in one of his interviews, compartmentalize.

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Well yes if we were talking about humans I’d 100% agree with you, but spirits or in this case demons were always more understanding and wise, at least that’s how I viewed them. They always know why I do stuff, I cannot hide my true intentions from a demon, nor my emotions. Also they’re like 20000 years old and it would be weird if they were just as sensitive/immature/arrogant as me.

Maybe I also get a pass because I am 18? Idk.


Are you praise Him i mean Jeshitsus ?

I don’t praise Jesus or the son aspect of God. I praise and recognize God only, and work mostly with the spirits he created (demons, angels, genies, etc). It’s through God that I assume the divine authority to call and command spirits.

I know many praise demons, angels, etc, as if they were gods themselves. I personally see them as spirits to work with, and praise God as the only god.


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