What's The Simplest Method Of Evocation That Has Yielded Results For You?

Just wanted to get a discussion going on ya’lls simple method of evocation.

By simple I mean describe an evocation you’ve performed with the bare minimum of tools (If any) that you’ve performed that brought you what you wanted.

For me it was an evocation last year where I needed to manipulate someone into letting me keep my job.
I summoned King Paimon by merely sitting on the floor with incense burning in front of me with a single black candle burning anointed with controlling oil and his sigil.
The admin at my previous job was happy to let me back after the evocation when at first she wanted nothing to do with letting me keep my job.



the ultimate method

envision yourself being INSIDE the spherical mirror

this mirror is the MIRROR OF YOUR SOUL, and it is the aura

it is always here, for it is the reason you percieve at all. you just become aware of it.

now, evoke on this mirror, and be aware of everything the mirror also shows (that would be all the thoughts, emotions and memories, scattered all acros the spherical mirror)

concentrate the desire of your evocation so profoundly intense on the mirror until it becomes all of the mirror.



on this picture

you see the form of the mirror. it’s not exactly spherical, but it’s like an apple.

you (jitta - atman - self - center of perception) are in the exact middle

everything flows through you

and everything is you

everything that is shown on the mirror (all you know) is the exact reflection of your Self, streched across time (and seemingly, space)

you have to saturate the reflection with your desire for long enough to it become you

all ceremonial magick is a fail, in actuality. it does not produce results.

you produce results

but if you use ceremonial magick, know that going through various steps of the process you are actually preparing yourself for the IMMERSION

with banishing, you chase away much of the thoughts, so it’s great thing to do if you like to do it

but also, you might slap yourself a little bit, shake your head and invoke the deepest part of you, to surface

if you are brave and crazy enough to call the DEEPEST POSSIBLE part of yourself to become you, and to overtake all actions, all speech, all movements
(for me, it means calling upon SATAN to take the whole of what i am - the deepest and strongest full posesion that i can conjure)

then the magick is possible

this is the truth, people. get real.

it is easy. and it is scary. and it is reality.

peace be with you.

Well with bare minimum tools, that would be a conjuration with no tools at all or only a candle. I like the idea of burning candles because they have always relaxed me but generally when I evoke I don’t use any extra tools, just a candle for dramatic effect LOL and a hand drawn sigil, and if contacting an entity I work with regularly I don’t even use a sigil I just picture that entity in my mind and call their name.

Candles are not even necessary but some people find them soothing, or it puts in the mindset for ritual (being in a dark candle lit room), and some people believe the flames will help carry their message thru the veils and to the entity they are trying to reach since when doing a spell, the methodology behind using a candle is for the flames to carry the intent into the universe. All of the elements in some way, can be used for communication purposes, the candle just happens to be the most often chosen and preferred method.

So if your focus is strong enough and you have already formed a link with the chosen entity, evocation can be done using only the mind. It all ties in with what bahamuthat was saying. The magick is US. It’s comes from within us and flows thru us, so if you truly beleive that then you will see that tools are not necessary and are only a prop for peace of mind and focus.

Easiest way? Smoke alot of Weed and then get into a Super High State of Mind and then put on a Circus Act and create evoke Blitz the world with your awesomeness.

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[quote=“Musta_Krackish, post:1, topic:6743”]Just wanted to get a discussion going on ya’lls simple method of evocation.

By simple I mean describe an evocation you’ve performed with the bare minimum of tools (If any) that you’ve performed that brought you what you wanted.[/quote]

Simplest way - awake you mean? Hmm… I’ve done one with just incense and a candle. I drew the sigil and whispered the name. No circle as it is a PAIN to get flour out of a carpet. Someone told me once - the Earth is round so you’re always in a circle. :slight_smile:

Honestly? I think it depends on the entity and your relationship with them. Some spirits enjoy the ceremony (ritual) element to evocation when you’ve never worked with them before.

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I’ve evoked with nothing but a fierce passion for something to happen and the name of an entity who could help. Usually requires a lot of pacing and repeating the entities name getting way into what you want to happen.

Other than that, a candle and sigil works just fine.

I have found that no matter how elaborate the ritual, it’s the evocation I am most passionate about that works.

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