What's the most powerful spell or spirit you've cast/used or evoked so far?

Hello to all of you on the forum. I am curious as to which spell is the most powerful spell or spirit in your arsenal that you’ve cast along with what were the results?

I’ll of course start off - The most powerful spell I’ve case was a bindrune combination consisting of

                                 Mannaz  Hagal  Uruz


Wth the ourpose to heal a person close to me of a horible kidney diease, not only did it manage to save them just in time to ensure saftey but it also reversed the effects and pretty restored the person to near perfect health once again.

I offered a few drops fof gave the galdr for each rune with the intent of healing along with tapping into my heart chakrah for additional punch as i visualized the person to be restored and having dying cells regenerate in affected area of their illness.

It was my first real attmept at healing with runes and according to me I was pretty dang successful and it worked amazingly fast.

How about you? How did it go? Please let I cannot wait to hear what you have to say.


after many years of intense meditation and visualization, i manifested the medical care that literally saved my life

i didnt have the means to get the care in the country of my origin, so my spell/will relocated me to a country that provided it to me through different means…

luckily i was born with citizenship in both aforementioned countries, but magick has a certain way of transcending time and working via “coincidences”, so…


That’s pretty cool, actually it’s pretty amazing! That’s some powerful magick right there. You must have some powerful visualization along with energy manipulation skills to manifst something like that I reckon. :slight_smile:

In regards to coincidences - that’s very true for me too in regards to occuring in the form of strange things happening around me at times whichat the time feels and looks really out of place.

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practice visualization literally during every waking moment and you may find that you too have this kind of power

Will be sure to add that to my curriculum. :slight_smile:

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Archangel Barakiel still by far drained me the most during evocation and his presence legit makes me want to piss myself


My most powerful spell i have cast was last 3, before i go out i always ask the poltergeist to protect my home with a supernatural lock down, to start when i lock my home when i went on Thursday, while i was locking my front door to my home i say supernatural lock down begin, and neighbores down back started walking by, and i notice my so called girlfriend with that cute arse the so called weightress the one served me up to me a cupercheino, also been drugged up on speed, the one use to liked me, and that Craig Black the one who stuck his meat hooks in her so he can drug her up and he wants to steel my identity so this girlfriend of mine be stolen, by Craig black pretending to be James Aplin by him calling himself James Aplin, so he gets my hot girlfriend, i have to miss out, but i notice she doesn’t like him, words saying, i go pacing up and down, one of the neighbores did a very stupid thing he went to my front door he was saying let me in let me in, i notice he was infront of every one at least about 8, saying look at this energy it looked like a think intense void with a hole same looking as a small black hole with energy travelling into the hole, the same way a black hole operate, the person say i wanted to break in, he must of put his hand to close to to black hole me and everyone saw that person got completely sucked into the black hole, later that day i tryed to see if i could actually create a big one it the sky i did and i formed a massive 100 m wide Black hole in the skys of Adelaide there were 2 other people walking they also saw it with there own 2 eyes one of them say to me can you feel the vortex, so i also made it go away i banished my Black hole i created, im probably a God now, i did tryed it the next day i could not do it again, creating that massive Black hole over Adelaide must of drained me of my energy, if only i can keep on creating smaller ones again i could be a assassin use small black hole to take out my targets, i be able to get rid of that imposter who stole my girlfriend from me, get rid of him i get my cute pie, i bring her into the LHP, so if those arseholes down the back can use tactics like your not getting her, so Craig black gets her, i work out how i was able to form Black hole i will assassinate all her criminal mates, like to get away with doing as they like, will see so i trying to attach like a shielding so if anyone thinks about doing anything a black hole will be sucked any crushed by the Black hole.

This intrigued and confused me😅… But it was very interesting.

Yes it was incredible producing 3 Black hole on the day small size one enough to suck a male into it, sounds off all his bones getting crushed, i thought it was supernatural lock down, where home gets locked down, making it impossible for thieves to get in and turned out in a form of a Black hole, 2nd black hole was a massive one in the sky, can literally feel the power other people can, i can banish it, it now not there, the 3 rd was small same size as 1st one to attack girlfriend thief, i think i form another as soon as my energy levels recharge with mana, i create another black hole and wait unit girlfriend thief goes to bed then i send another black hole and suck him away in the black hole, so if you want to know type of the ones i created the same quality in space, but only small enough to target enemys, and a big one, can i looked up at the black hole in was showing what it looked like stretches like it was trying to gobble up Earth.