Whats the difference between working with Angels and Demons or even the Greek Gods?

Anybody have a credible answer?

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There is no real difference.
Gods, goddesses, demons, daimons, djinn…babylonian, sumerian, greek, phoenician, christian, and so on…all the same shit, dude.

These are masculine and feminine aspects, broken down into light and dark, of the same entities and/or consciousness, at the end of the day. Many names, many guises passed down and translated for various cultures.


Great answer. Thank you.


Glad to help!

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Personally I’ve always just had an adversion to angels. No idea why. When I think of them and other beings that I know a lot of RHP worship, I just feel that they’re all so… dry. They lack variatablity in my eyes. But I could be wrong. I’ve never taken the time to get to know and study them like I have demons. But when I would feel their energies… they just all felt too similar for my liking.


Angels are some of the most fucked-up bastard entities ever. No morals. They just take and implement orders.


I disagree, angels have been very helpful to me at many times in my life. and I don’t
think angels and gods are the same, they have very different mythologies and origin stories.

I also believe it was a demon that said the only difference between angels and demons was - demons have no moral hierarchy and angels do.


Yesss that’s one thing I noticed and just instantly disliked. It’s like if they say something is “wrong” it’s wrong period. No ifs ands or buts and it becomes like law. And then all their dumb little humans or whatever go around parroting “oooohhh deeeemoonns! Energy stealers nooooo that’s baaaadd!” When I’m sure most of them don’t even know the first thing about the matter. They all claim to be so open minded but the minute anybody says anything RHP related it’s so shunned and frowned upon.


I would humbly add, most understanding of angelic and demonic power and ability stem from a complete bastardization from more ancient and more complete coultures and civilizations.
In a declining line of deceit; modern western Christianity, ancient Christianity, Judaism, Egyptian, Babalonian, Assyria, Sumarian, and many tangents therin.
In Judaism, angel simply means messenger. The god form exists but cant intervine directly so it sends messengers.
There is a depth of study available. Do not trust the limitations of understanding placed by erroneous sub cultures. Explore it for yourself. I’d bet you will be surprised by what you find.
Side note:
(God) never sent demons to kill. (He) sends angels.