What's the deal with the fae?

I’ve always been really interested in fairies, but I’ve heard from most people that they tend to not be human friendly beings.
Can anyone explain to me why they, as opposed to other spirits, act this way towards us?
I’d also love to hear any and all stories relating to them too! Even if you don’t know a lot about them :slight_smile:
I’m fairy curious what you guys have to say

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Faeries are one race among the general fae, as for why it’s more that other entities do the same but you rarely hear about it and only hear about fluffy fantasy stuff people “experience” however, fae have a large number of tricksters, but not out of malicious reasons (albeit some do so as a means of revenge) many fae tend to be helpful but their help can also come with a in your face realizations.

Fae can range from faeries, elementals, elves, imps, dwarves, and a plethora of other ‘supernatural’ entities that embody forces of nature.


Thank you for that insight!

The fae(certain elves) also have courts such as seelie(spring/summer) and unseelie(fall/winter) courts. Seelie are said to be more human friendly, but you still need to earn there trust before they’ll do much with you.
Unseelie aren’t all that human friendly, you can still try to earn they’re trust, just be careful you dont disrespect them or piss them off.
Fae(the ones I’ve met) can be more dangerous then demons when angered so watch out for that. They have long memories and wont forget when someone wrongs them, they’re also great at politics and half truths.
Fae have also been known to take children to there realms as well. Elves can be rather arrogant, or very confident, depends on if they have the skill to back it up. Some do look down on humans until they earn they’re respect.
Fae make great friends, and the elves really know how to party, just be careful if your invited into their court.
@anon48079295 did I get the seelie and unseelie stuff right?


Pretty much, there are also fae who are not of the seelie or unseelie but within the same pantheon a group that doesn’t follow either. There’s also African pantheon fae, Korean pantheon fae, etc.


I stay away from the wee folk. lol


I love the wee folk xD

If you look through fairytales you can notice one thing, fairies are not so much friendly/unfriendly toward human as they are very protective about themselves and their race. Fairies has their own rules that are not similar to ours and they can be quite uncompromised. If you conduct yourself well in contact with them, and you stay astute, they will not have business to harm you.


That might just be hear say , try working with them and see what happens .