Whats the deal with black cats?

I really hate any discussion that has to do with harming animals, especially cats.

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I’m so going to write a short story about a black magic practitioner who gets a black cat to make him even more powerful but instead dissolves into a goofball over his furry black kitten, thanks for the inspiration! Also, don’t forget to feed her


I would love to read that.

This isn’t a discussion. This is me saying people create symbolic meaning to things. Good or bad and It’s to be taken with a grain of salt.

You are welcome to parse words in any way you see fit.

I see this as a discussion, just because you made a statement within the discussion I am not required to alter my perception to fit you.

Are we gonna fight about it? Because it seems like one of those things people do when they want to start online scrapping. Splitting hairs about minutiae.

Huh. No one’s fighting. I wasn’t trying to offend, your tone is very hostile. This forum was started and inspired by someone heavily lhp and if anyone’s read his books, they’ll know he knows about things I mentioned so since he has knowledge of hoodoo/voodoo, I saw nothing wrong with including it here. It wasn’t meant to make anyone take practice. It’s me stating the use of an animal in magic because it’s relative to superstition involving cats.


Honestly, I thought your response to me, given how benign my comment was, was dismissive aggressive and defensive. Mainly because my comment was just an expression of my discomfort with that topic, and your words were both unnecessary and sort of mystifying.

Saying “this isn’t a discussion” is done when the person in charge is shutting others down. In essence it means " I am in charge and I have issued my words and there is no discussion further" When someone starts anything by saying “this isn’t a discussion” they are taking an aggressive stance, because the only person in the room who can say that is the one who is in charge and calling the shots. You are on equal footing with me, neither of us has authority over the other. So I took offense, because I have a right to express myself and you have no right to shut me down.

Dude, relax. He didn’t say “this isnt a discussion” to shut you down. His original statement wasn’t meant as a discussion, he just wanted to express that there is magic that uses animal sacrifice/killing of animals, which is a fact.
He didnt say he likes it, and he didnt say “what do you think about it? should I do that?” Nobody tried to shut anybody down.


I am not tense, or unrelaxed or whatever. I just gave him what was my perception of what he said.

I don’t think I would be the only person who would find that choice of words to be unpleasant.

I have four cats, all female and the black cat behaves completely different from the other three. She is amazing, has a different energy, different presence.

She is affectionate, but not needy, she demands that her wishes be met lol

None of the other cats like to sit on my lap, but the black cat comes and sits down decidedly. I love it!

I believe black cats are different, and really ‘’ bewitch ‘’ their owners.

Maybe not E.A shrugs