Whats the deal with black cats?

So, I was at someone’s house, and I saw this pitch black cat, and whenever I looked at him, I could feel an intense energy coming off of him. She had other cats, but I didn’t feel anything when I looked at them. Do black cats have magickal significants? If so I might have to get one.

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I’m not sure if it’s true but I’ve heard if you put black cats hair with in the candle flame used for a spell it gives it double power ! The hair it sheds ofcourse, don’t hurt the kitty!


Yep. I’m gonna follow my gut and buy me a nice black kitty :smile:


I don’t think it’s a general black cats thing. That was just superstition linked with witches and those who practice “black magick” it might just be her cat in particular lol.


I am a cat lover, and I have had a bunch of black cats over the years, I tend to adopt black cats more often because they are harder to find homes for because of the superstition surrounding them.
First, my black cats are usually goof balls, and not at all mystical or magical emanating.
Second, please don’t go adopting a cat on a stupid whim.
If you love cats and are stable and able to provide a loving home for 14 or more years to a cat then go for it. Don’t adopt a cat because you have some whacked out ideas about magic that likely will not come to pass, because then you are probably going to get rid of the cat when he or she disappoints you, and that isn’t fair to the cat.
I don’t know you, so I am not going to judge you, but a lot of the people I see on these forums don’t have a stable enough life situation to have a pet. And that is what a cat of any color is, a pet, not your magical foil. So be smart and be kind, don’t adopt a pet unless you have a love for it and a stable life so you can keep him or her safe.


Yeah just to clear things up. I’m not buying a cat just for magickal purposes, I’ve always loved cats, just never really thought about getting one. I was simply just curious about the superstition surrounding them, and if they had some sort of magickal significance, cool! If not, i’m still buying one lol i need some company.


Also, i’m going to be home more than half the day to care for them. I love animals, so please don’t make such quick assumptions, thanks.


That’s fantastic, if you have never had a cat before may I suggest getting an older cat, not a kitten. Cats have unique personalities and when you get a kitten you have no idea what they are going to end up like.
Kittens are a crap shoot.


hmmm. I suspected the opposite. My thinking was like, if you get the cat while their young, you have better chance of growing a deeper bond with it. In hind site, your right. My stepdad bought a kitten, and my god she was a fucking psychopath lol.

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Indeed hair, shit and piss of Black cats and Black dogs are extrem powerful black magic ingredient.



Look at the way Egyptians venerated cats they saw them as highly spiritual and psychic!
Bastet is an Egyptian cat goddess


I’m not qualified to talk for all black cats, nor am I an expert in magic, but there two things that I find quite fair to share:

1 - I’m friends with a wizard who just recently started to dabble with Egyptian magic, during his first ritual with this specific kind of magic, he tried to shoo his cats away from the room, afraid they’d mess his ritual up, but the cats insisted on staying: when he was finally about to interrupt everything to take them out, when he heard the Egyptian entity he was working with say loud and clear: let them be, they’ll not misbehave in my presence.
So apparently, the great spirituality seems to be fairly fond of cats

2 - In some more remotes areas of my country, there are more than one account of shape shifting demons who’ll often take the shape of a black cat in order to trick people, one of the most famous stories that goes around here tells the following:

A married man once came across a black cat and fell madly in love with it, so he decided to take the cat home with him, the same home where his wife lived.
The same wife began receiving gleaming sinister looks from the cat, as though it were willing to feast on her, and thus, she began growing weary of the black cat.
One day, her husband, still madly in love with the cat, says he’s traveling to work and should return in five days, so she should take care of the car while he was out.
However, as soon as the man set foot on the street, the cat disappeared, and the wife despaired, for her husband would probably have her killed if he learned that his beloved black cat vanished.
Five days passed without a sign of the cat, and as soon as the man arrived at home, he called upon his black cat, and miraculously, he showed up, frail and barely alive.
And yes, the man beat his wife nearly to death, accusing her of trying to kill his cat.

A second time, many months later, the man needed to travel away and stay out for around five days again, a second time he demanded that his wife should look after the cat, and this time he said he’d have her killed if she tried to kill his cat again.

But again, as soon as he left, the cat vanished, and the woman began to pray for her life.

The man’s business out of today were cut short due to the passing of the merchant he was going to close a deal with, so, since he had time, he decided to get back home earlier, to see his beloved cat and his okay wife.

On an old tree-ridden beaten path that led to his house, he spotted a tree filled with a fruit whose name I can’t possibly tell in English, if anybody wants to look “goiaba” up, be my guest.

So, after climbing up the tree and indulging himself with some sweet fruits, he began to get ready to climb down, when he saw a black cat roaming around, his black cat.

He considered calling on him, thinking about killing his wife for letting the cat this far from home, but for whatever reason, he didn’t, and thankfully, what he didn’t do allowed him to witness how devils work.

Another couple of cats came around, and they SPOKE WITH EACH OTHER

“… yes, my so called owner said he’ll have his wife KILLED if I’m not in perfect condition when he comes around.”

“And then you’ll feed on the blood?” A second cat asked


The man didn’t stay much longer.

He climbed down the tree and took a different path to his house, when he arrived, he found his terrified wife, whom he tranquilized by saying “it’s okay, nothings gonna harm you.”

The next day, the black cat arrived, meowing in hunger and malice, but his owner wasn’t having none of it: he grabbed his axe and cut the cat’s head off, and that was the end of it


So just a little update. Earlier in the day, I called a pet store to see if there were any cats. There was an all black one named luna. So about 2 hours later i’m about to go out to see the cat but i call the pet store to make sure im going to the right one. I call and ask if there’s a Luna but she said no there’s only a black cat named Zelda. I look through my call logs and realize that it was 100% the pet store that previously said they had a Luna. So i get the cat, on the way back, my sister’s boyfriend, says something like “yeah (friends name) has a black cat too, its name is Luna.” Blew my fucking mind, so I let my cat free in my place and I the only name that popped in my head when look at her was Luna, so that’s what I named it. Is there spiritual significance to the name Luna?


Godess Selene
Magic stone Selenite
Moon magic

How are you doing with the new cat? Is she making herself at home?

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Yeah she’s a blessing. Helps me sleep too which is really important for me. Not the smartest cat but she really cute and friendly :smile:

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How is that possible? My cats only help to wake me up. Again, and again, and again.

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I guess knowing that I’m not alone is what helps. I can definatly see how cats would wake people up tho. When I go to sleep she chills for a bit but my god she cant stay still. I want the cuddles dammit!

Yes, I know what you mean about not being alone.
You’re responsible for her now, so treat her well and you will have a wonderful companion.
Gotta love cats!


They’re cute, just about it. I do know of a really amoral spell that involves boiling a cat. I think it’s more voodoo/Hoodoo based