What's people's experience with various types of graveyard dirt?

See here: http://spiritinfo.blogspot.com/p/types-of-graveyard-dirts-for-reference.html

Has anyone used graveyard dirt in their curses and if so, what kind specifically?


From the graves of people i know who died of disease or suicide mostly.

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How potent would you say it is?

Very potent, as long as you charge it with your intent for it to be an instrument of pain and death first and are pushing all your desire for the victim to die into the ritual, otherwise itā€™s just dirt.

If graveyard dirt of an ill person can cause illness, will graveyard dirt from a billionaireā€™s grave make one a billionaire, or at least millionaire. Or does occult mostly works on causing suffering, but not that potent when it comes to making stuff instead of breaking .

Could possibly help with it, but someone would have a better chance of becoming a billionaire/millionaire getting the skull and finger bones of a billionaire.

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OK, but can you define chance? In terms of percentage? How potent is that form if magick? When compared to other magicks like having talisman of Jupiter with oneself? Or even ritual like ā€˜primordial abundance of jupiterā€™?


Like everything else, it all depends on the skill of the individual doing the magick. :genie: