Whats Our Purpose As a human being

Live and reproduce :rofl:

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I think we’re not spirits in a bag of flesh. The spirit within us, as we can call it, takes the form of that flesh. They’re both one. Not separated. But that’s beyond your question.

In my opinion, only by looking at the big picture we could understand the meaning of the painting. not by zooming in on few dots at the corner. We are those dots. But we are also the whole painting ! The all can not exist without its parts, and the parts can not exist without the all.

Why we are here… to live an individual experience and evolve to the point of allowing the all to experience being us, and we experience being it. that’s the purpose, in my opinion. The purpose of existence and evolution.


I agreee ! :ok_hand:t2: really good said my prince !

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Thank you so much really glad we share the same understanding :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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My purpose in magick:


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In life it’s ascending, learning and I think you will find you’re goal. For me it’s important to help, coach others.


In my opinion, we are not able to understand the real reason and whatever reason we cite here or there cannot be the ultimate truth, even it has some grains of truth we are far from to understand the real reason either due to lack of knowledge and either our incapacity to really grasp the idea behind.
What I see in general, people read one book ( can be any bok who try to answer such a question, Holy books, Kybalion or Some Buddhist books or anything similar ) where they see one idea, and they like it and see things from that perspective. Indeed none of these books are nonsense, they have a system and they have their logic within it and they may be true, at least partly. We may like one or the other response systems in our lifetime or a change is really inevitable, within the time we may have different views within that system or we may even leave it, and yet this is normal. There is really no real concrete one answer and if there ever was, the whole world would join around it; one way or the other. So we change; as do our views; we say one day, Mr. Nine millimeter is the shepherd and another day we may think that we are the shepherd and the world itself is evil. Where the change is certain, indeed how we may ever be sure that we may have one right answer.
Some say the world is a prison and we’ re all damned ( already :wink: , like a hotel (prison) that you can check out anytime but you can never leave) Then we still have no idea why we are damned. How can we do better or find an excuse? It implies that we were good and then we make mistake, ok but do we get better here, do we learn where the mistake was, any idea. No…For a moment if we accept that we were of the pure goodness and of pure light and came from the complete innocence, then what are we becoming in that world; we are moving in the opposite direction if we are here by a mistake, here in that world we became notorious criminals ; at least for ninety-nine percent ( %100 IMHO) we are getting away from the innocence and love, in that world. We experience heartbreaks, deaths, anger, bullies all to some degree and we have these stains within our souls so what we learn here is that if you are the good guy; you will lose. Does this make sense no but this is it? ( unfortunately)
We do evil sometimes we do it for our protection, we do it for the loved ones we do it as because it’s either right or we have the right to a vendetta as that evil world has stolen what was once ours. One way or the other we are bound to do necessary evil at least, and we even fear from love as it becomes a weakness even we may not breathe without it we are certainly not as much as in love at once, the beginning, our childhood.
I believe in physical reincarnation for sure, we are humans today, but we help to re-cycle nitrogen like all carbon-based lifeforms and we may nor we but the elements that form us today may become a vase or a bee; we are decomposed and recomposed again and again, there ‘s no “we” indeed “we” do not have our consciousness through that process, there are a division and separation for sure, then we would like to know where our consciousness in that life goes, somewhere; hope it does not disappear (as energy form). However if we still think classical reincarnation, we are like Lucy Whitmore of 50 first date, we do not bring any experience from our old lives, some may argue against but seriously apart from UPGs, just look around; we are living in the 21 century and certainly many people should have reincarnated many times, still do you really see a degree of evolution in terms of soul ascension, I don’t , could you still say they are better than Cicero, Mozart even in the sense of humanism, yes the examples are outstanding yet but even in terms of curve; are we better than our past ; no, not yet. In that perspective, one may argue that we bring nothing; we always begin from the first phase; unfortunately, no saves in that game. Really if we did why there is so many injustices yet so many stupids around after so many reincarnations.

So we may yet claim all is experiencing through us, so in a way we are like cells or a body, not every experiment, however, is registered by the All, I guess something similar to what our body does. Think your hair as it drops away or the semen you ejaculate, do you experience with them; no do you feel the pain of your little warriors to reach the target, certainly not then maybe The All is not interested with all of us after all.
Maybe the All is like a world and there is no something we may call as the All, it may have no consciousness it may like a planet, not a body. Then he yet offers good terms for us to live but not interested in our experience whatsoever. We may not have clear answers.

We are möaybe going through a game, a realistic version of the simulation. This is something discussed by science and even it’s so we probably did copy from our more real lives and what is the purpose of than our comparatively more real lives.

The past is in our memory and the futuıre is in our dreams one thing is certain and it’s now; as they say.

The secrets eternal neither you know nor I
And answers to the riddle neither you know nor I
Behind the veil, there is much talk about us, why
When the veil falls, neither you remain nor I. (Khayyam)
So …
Carpe diem (really) :metal:

Btw thank you for reading … longer than I expected :blush:


Humans are just one in an infinite series of manifestations with sentient awareness to fight the greatest adversary of all . . .

Eternal Boredom


To reproduce. Like cockroaches. That’s the whole point of life, from a biological perspective.


I don’t believe there’s a such thing as a purpose for being born as this race, racial purpose seems very unlikely. Individual why you came here purposes maybe. I know I reincarnated for an individual reason, I chose here, and why, but not the family which I’m fine with that.


This world seems to be made of a great multitude of things that follow physical laws only and have no relationship with knowledge. The ability to know and interact with the concept of purpose sets you apart from the vast majority of things that you can identify.

Maybe knowledge is the fifth fundamental force. If you reduced the entire universe to a Newtonian equation, you would have to account for the input/output of knowing systems.
Humans can correctly answer questions that cannot be reduced to mathematical computation. A big-shot math professor explained in a video I saw that mathematicians have actually proven that certian geometric puzzles whose components can be mathematically defined cannot be solved computationally.

That’s a really really big deal to me. If we can know something that computation cannot, we are in posession of something truly creative, like divine creation that does not follow from the initial condition of the universe.

Your purpose is to be totally inexplicable.


To expand on the post about our Purpose being that or the Annuaki, as per Stichin. It was the Nephilim that originally seemed to have inhabited or had a base on the moon. They created the Annunaki for the purpose of mining gold on this planet for their technology. After Millenia or longer? Of the Annunaki toiling in the Gold mines of this planet they created what was called the ‘worker’ or humans, that would take over the toiling in the mines. At some point an asteroid hit the moon and destroyed the base leaving potentially the Annuaki as the masters of this world, rebelling against the Nephilim, and working with various governments in the world to create the monetary system, which is what we all toil to get, that originally had a value in Gold that has been slowly stripped from fiat currency.
And so when I say, the purpose of life is to get Gold for the Annunaki I do mean quite literally.
Curiously the designer of our bodies life and Chakra system was Marduk (please correct me if I’ve misunderstood) who’s symbol was as of Sumerian times the cross. (as in the Christian cross)
Since the advent of the Sumerian tablets that explained this, Abrahamic religions have appropriated this symbol and Sumerian teaching to their advantage of controlling the masses and the potent Chakra system that Marduk had created.
. So, the next goal beyond the purpose the Council of the Annuaki had created for us to be their slaves, the rebel Marduk, who did (and does?) Have love for us, would be to use those chakras to complete the rebellion from the original source or creation.
. This is greatly paralleled with the teachings and light of Lucifer and perhaps is the grain in which we should grow the purpose of our lives, Rebellion; and the Truth of the Light.

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Stitchin was long debunked for making up translations and filling it with his own ideas claiming the sun was a symbol of a spaceship they had advanced watches on which was later debunked as just jewelry since Sumerian people often wore jewelry and depicted their gods in it.

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I see, how do you mean by debunked? I know there is much scholarly argument over him and those like him that attempt to fill in the blanks.

What I have mentioned here is additionally me filling in his blanks with logic. I never trust that anyone could provide the entire truth, and only logic can help us reach a conclusion.

Which parts of my post have been debunked? Debunking Stichin in his entirety is quite a bold claim.

So much so that the Iraqi Minister of transport is here seemingly quoting Stichin as proof of his claim. So ‘debunked’ in its entirety is quite broad.

It is a bold claim that many scholars have done which in my opinion kills his credibility if you have to make some things up to fill in for what you don’t know. UPG I believe in however he was doing so from a scholar viewpoint which contradicts. The idea of them needing to mine gold to fix their atmosphere also was debunked. Basically what I’m saying is stitchin idea of the annunaki lost major credibility as for filling in his stuff with logic I’d say it’s more you’re filling it with UPG which is fine.

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Ah yes we’ll that makes sense. But I gather my logical assumptions from cross reference many sources.
None of them ‘scholary’ mostly channelers and psychics. The scholars of this planet, would never under any circumstance allow the populous to believe something as incredulous, as we are a society that is less advance then a society that existed 5000 years ago, both technology and social wise. It ruins the narrative for all the media that is forced down our eyes

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So for me. And going back the OP, the purpose in life is to simply Rebel. Rebel against the tyranny of our Millenia old oppression. Take back our chakras and spirits and become this living God.

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That’s why the scholars that debunked him came out with his nonsense translations. Though I lean more to actually experiencing the annunaki mainly because logic and translations just end up screwed up hence stitchin, snorri and so forth.

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Ahh snorri… The slaves created

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