What's next

Based off of intuition, what’s the next current you all think I should touch on?

I don’t know why, but the word evocation was the first thing that came to my mind. And something told me to write it here. Perhaps some spirit wants to talk to you. You should check it out!

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Any particular name or current?

Have you visited Tir Na Nog yet?

I’m not sure, I just thought of that word, nothing more. Perhaps it’s something or maybe not…I’m really not sure XD I really wish I had something more than that

No, but I experienced the rebirth you spoke of previously

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I should probably visit and see what happens?

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Already can do that.

I highly suggest that you go through that mist to Tir Na Nog

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Probably happening tonight. But after that hopefully I’ll find a new rabbit hole.

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Any other intuitive responses to this?

Lovecraftian magick by S. Ben Qyain or Haitian Voudon perhaps?

Lovecraftian because of your natural affinity for the current. Haitian Voudon because of the power it promises along with potent allies in your ascent.

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