What's name of Holy angel in burning bush " God Himself "

I need to invoke angel in a burning bush "God himself " that written in 6th and 7th books of moses …I work already with holy angels as those in "conjuration laws of moses " at same book ,and many others of angels ,but I really need that holy angel’s name . @Dralukmun

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Many of those Spiritual Beings don’t give out their names; you’ll only get their titles. But when their disciples come or some beings under them, those ones do give their names. Even that, if the one who came is high he won’t give his name but a title.

I know the name of whom you speak of, but I remember when I asked Him then of His name, He said:
By whose authority do you come?
My name? (Smiles) In whose name do you even put trust to be so daring… asking of my name?

Answer these two questions. You’ll get his true name. And I shall teach you how to confirm it; they respond faster than Flash if you use their actual names.


Metatron most likely, though could be Sandalphon.

I am also very interested in this :star_struck:

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Yeah I’m very interested too…


Ok you got my attention please continue to elaborate on this…

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by authority of God …by name of God…I think If I engrave name of God in hebrew on a gold plate / necklace and wear it he won’t refuse tell out his name…and too IF I success to wield Grand seal …and by knowledge ; High rank spirit possess knowledge can tell his name …ok you can teach me MR LUX or send his name directly via PM;I need your help .thank you

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It doesn’t matter which language, the Source knows the intent. You don’t need any external object. Nevbms has a point.

you can send his name via PM Mr Lux .thank you very much @luxfero

Getting close, I meant luxfero has a point. Good for you.

by authority of EHYEH ASHER EHYEH


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Gods name? Yehovwah or Tetragrammaton? Or the 42(?) Letter name?

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You know I once asked Prince Orobas for his true name and he said flat out “you don’t need to know that. What don’t I come when you call? You only want my true name to have some kind of power over me. Thanks anyway”

So I got rejected on that. I’d be interested if there was a way to make a spirit give this to you willingly.


I imagine this with hands on hips, head shaking and finger wagging. With a turn on a heel and and backhand in the air.

I asked a similar question of an angel, (or it might have been one of the Olympic spirits, I can’t remember off hand. It was quite a while back) and was told basically that i was not ready for the knowledge of their secret name. :thinking:


You know the Egyptian system of religious/magickal tradition puts alot of emphasis on having the true names of things to work with. There is a very common belief there that with anything’s true name you can gain power over it.:thinking:


Very interesting. I wonder what this power is exactly. But the first philosophical block to it, would be that a name is just an abstract concept. The way through this philosophical block is found through Hermes.

Hermes said that Egyptian words are not just words. When someone speaks in Egyptian, all the words perfectly resonate with the essence of the thing the words signify. In that manner, speaking of an object in Greek is not spiritually the same. So the key is not in the abstract concept of a name, which philosophically doesn’t make much sense, because it is nonexistent so to speak, but rather the key is in the sound itself, as we find through all magick (especially Astrological Magick and through Alchemy. That is, true labwork Alchemy), everything is connected to everything else in a way.


I agree with you this is quite a riddle. The Egyptian magicians were also very fond of using true names on talismans to effect control.

Do a quick.google wikki search of two famous Egyptian magicians that attempted to storm the heavens and take it by violence. Thier names are jannes and jambres. Great story.

Edit: according to legend thier talismans were so powerful they were able to drive back the Archangels including Michael.

Only metatron could stop these two and he did it with trickery.


That’s an extremely interesting story! I read it quickly on the wiki, I’m definitely going to look deeper into that. I really love that idea, it’s an extremely interesting story.

It’s interesting to see how much they valued talismans in those days. It seems to be beloved in most cultures.
I know how to make Geomantic Talismans and Gamahes, but I’ll be learning to take proper traditional Astrological Talismans in time.

You know, North Africa was not conquered by the Muslims. They sent their court Magicians and Diviners to the Kings governing there, and they instead converted them, for the precision of Geomancy and the power of Islamic Talismans were seen as evidence that Islam is the truth. That is instead how they converted North Africa.

But on that story of Jannes and Jambres, it makes me think, we should always pursue to perfectly refine Occult Science. So few people these days truly follow the traditional texts, and dress in such a way and create such a space that is truly “one” with the essence of the spirit they call. And so few people even follow their own gifts to begin with, or parallel their Genius. In a way, we’ve gone through a second dark age in a sense with the Scientific Revolution. Both Dark Ages were ones of spirituality.