What's it like to live under a curse for someone who isn't an occultist?

Hi EA! Most black magicians have cast curses. But not every black magician has been cursed. So what I’ve been wondering, is what does it feel like for a muggle to live under a successful curse? I know curses can ruin lives, hurt, kill, but what does it FEEL like? What are the everyday occurrences and emotions? Thanks and best wishes as always!


I was cursed for no reason they sent demons into my mother and my mother did to me what the magicians told demons to do ,demons appeared to me when I was 16 and said ,demons spoke to me and said .look what we are making your mother do to you . .then I became a Christian and GOD spoke to me and said let me deal with them you just go to church and read and study my holy bible since then these curses have been destroyed and ive been healed .and as a Christian I had to learn we don’t wrestle against flesh and blood .but against principalities against the rulers of darkness of this world against spiritual wickedness in high places / now I’m a magician and a Christian because the war is amongst demons and angels and demon and angels don’t want humans to be part of there war its there war not our war as humans .

suicidal thoughts , ive been healed from suicidal thoughts for over a decade now , I plan to keep it that way

I was cursed when i was 17 maybe 18 years old so i can share my experiences. First is the feeling of not bejng alone when you clearly are. Than anxiety moves in and you devolop stupid fears. Everithing starts slowly but consistently falling appart. If the person who has cursed you is any good at it it will not be obvious and sudden but slow painful and consistent. Each year is worse than the last and the efford you put in is never rewarded or apreciated. You make it through but just barely. First you become allianated and in constant unnecessary conflict usually with people you care about. After that you can forget about a sex life it just doesnt happen. When in this stage 10 different girls trown me off of them when we were ahout to have sex in the last second. That is when you reallise something is up if you dont have your head up your ass. After than life crisis created deepens and conflicts are worse by the day. You fail at school and or job. Your homelife is anhialated. After that it stoppes. You regain your ground and solve all of the problems you become a superstar. After that all of the sudden you are either dead or insane. I got insane. Insanity brought me to a state of trying to obtain cyanide for myself to just quit. If i did that the curse would be complete. I had a prophetic dream and found out about magick. The one who cursed me is in a hospital now.

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