What's it like being in the spotlight?

What’s it like to be the infamous E.A. Koetting? To be myth, a meme, and a man in the public eye? There haven’t been many occult figures in recent time who have risen to such infamy. Do you think it’s in part to blame for your recent legal troubles?

Take Ed Dames. The man’s stuck his neck out with remote viewing for years, and I can’t even begin to imagine the flak he’s taken. But the man is pretty jaded now. He’s the very definition of jaded.

What’s it been like dealing with so much attention?

There was a lot to that response, but in particular I liked (paraphrasing here): The attention changes nothing, he still sticks to his guns with the original “become a living god” message.

The world is watching. Break a leg, no matter who it belongs to.