Whats is difference between Queen SUCCUBUS and Normal SUCCUBUS?

Dear friends, I am planning to summon SUCCUBUS using letter of Intent. My question should I be specific what type of succubus do i need ? i mean Queen or normal succubus. What is different between both ?

Just higher up on succubus hierarchy , usually a queen has others she can bring with her and leads , and I think they are just a tad bit stronger energetically how you feel and interact with them

The hierarchy isn’t that common, but yes a Queen succubus is just political title and a normal succubus is just a succubus who is not in a political position. Although, it’s been exaggerated by those spirit keeping websites that over exaggerate what a queen succubus is.

Lilith is the Queen of her succubus, but not all succubus follow Lilith, it’s the same as if a God creates a race and that race does their own thing some stay with them, some go off and make their own civilizations and hierarchies and tribes.


They’re not all equal some are more powerful by a decent margin I have read , some people get light sensations at first and some get super strong manifestations , you can argue that this is just the varying in personalities between them but in reality some people have reported super strong manifestations at first and some have reported weak , it only makes sense the higher on the hierarchy the stronger the energy , or else the title kind of loses its meaning


Not much differemce, its just that some succubi are more powerful than others, it just a rank, also a queen succubus is in charge of their own group.

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There’s a lot of weird stuff going around about queen succubus due to a lot of the spirit keeping stuff lol.

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To be honest I don’t even know what tf is going on or which one I’m talking to sometimes , us humans are at a disadvantage in getting to know them, while they can literally read all parts of our subconscious and know everything about us

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@John_Wick its true, i can read other people based on their energy. I always wanted to get to know a succubus. Once they see you, they’ll read everything about you.

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that’s true or they’ll send you nothing and you’ll pretty much be manifesting something else under the idea you’re communicating with what you were told.


If Lilith is the Queen of succubus entities and yet there is more than one queen, doesn’t that mean that there are multiple succubus empires?

Lilith has daughters who have their own power. Sitri is a incubus king/prince what have you as well.


I have at least 5 different succubi, each are of different rank. I’m not too familiar with Sitri. Is he part of your circle? Is it possible to have an incubus as simply a friend?

Sitri is a goetic king. He’s related to Lilith. I don’t have a need for succubus and incubus so no he’s not part of my circle.

Incubus have the ability to shapeshift into females/succubus and vice versa. Also incubus can be simple friends just like succubus can, neither of them are just objects for affection.

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Sounds interesting across the board. I’m still curious about the outlook of the astral world either way. Do you find it possible that there are multiple succubus/incubus empires? Or is that my mind going bonkers with ideas? Because I mean of course each succubus has her own power, that comes with the territory of being a daughter of Lilith.

I dont view the astral world the same, to me the astral world is a plane of imagination, the collective unconscious, not the spiritual plane. So it’s always changing and never in a stable single appearance.

No it’s your mind thinking, but a succubus is very capable of leaving the infernal and forming their own land if they had the right power, resources, and such.

I know a pocket realm that they are either still tribal or they have moved onto a more large society since moving there.

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Thanx for the info just this morning I drew out Sitri’s sigil it’s good to know his rank and that he’s a incubus.

What do you mean by “pocket realm”? It would be rather interesting to see them in a tribal society or even a society that resembles Egyptian or Babylonian societies.

I’m pretty sure that the astral world can be both mental and spiritual if one tries hard enough. The capacity of magic at its best is when one merges the mental and the spiritual concepts to create their own mental and spiritual reality. Sort of like the saying goes, “One looks into the light until one becomes the light.”

The norse worlds are akin to pocket realms, which are realms within a larger realm or plane, just as our own personal mentalscapes are akin to pocket realms within the astral/collective mental plane.
Djinnestan is also akin to a pocket realm.

and no it’s not about trying hard enough, the astral is the collective unconscious, it’s a realm of thoughtforms. It has nothing to do with the capacity of magick. The entire scope of the astral is a mental plane, sure it can be used to meet other entities when they travel there as well, but they do not live they are connected to the collective unconscious just as we are.

the etheric is the “spiritual plane” where beings like lucifer and such live, the norse realms, the infernal nation, the judeo pantheon, etc all reside within the etheric plane.

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It all sounds interesting when you put it all that way. I never thought of it all that way.

It’s safer for new people to meet entities in the astral so they do not deal with being in territory theyre not welcomed in, but the only issue with the astral is you should go in with shields that atleast help keep thoughtforms from trying to trick you/leech off your attention.