What's happening? Life falling apart?

Hello guys,

Basically, my life is slowly falling apart, I’m iffy about saying it, cuz that’ll make it worse. But no other way to explain my situation and dismiss it. Anyways, life started out stagnant, I was lost and just didn’t know where the fuck to go or what the fuck to do. (spiritually and everything else).

Feeling lost always happens for me, after a good couple months, BOOM and I’m lost. And honestly kinda tired of it. But now, I feel like my life is starting to go all over the place, I don’t know what to do, school is stressing me the fuck out. I just feel like life is just not where the fuck I want it to be. I’m young, and I honestly hate this fucking world, most of yall can relate tbh, we’re all in here for a reason, I just feel like this worlds full of shit, people are full of shit. I really just wanna hold on to absolute power for just a couple hours, change my world completely and give it back.

Anyways back to it, my father died from cancer a couple months back from cancer, some of u here know. After that, I failed my exams, my IGCSE’s, got absolute shit grades. And right now, I fucking lost in what I should do for my future, WHEN I LITERALLY HAD IT ALL FIGURED OUT. What the fuck am I supposed to do, I swear I was fine a couple weeks back, now I realised I was just escaping this bullshit. I wanted to make a thread for this for so long, but I just thought it’d make me look weak, and it’ll make the situation worst, cuz wadda ya know what u think and say manifests.

What am I looking to do here guys? Any of u been here before and got out like a pro, making millions now with unimaginable power. I’ve done magick, and honestly I cant manifest shit, I’ve done evocations where I heard the spirits CLEARLY, empowerment rites. Everything spiritual is fine and they do manifest. But when it comes to manifesting in the physical, that doesnt ever happen, maybe only once or twice. Is a mentor what I should be looking for?

Sorry for the long ass bullshit, just needed to vent a little.


Life will never be perfect, don’t try to make it perfect. You will fail.
There will always be shit coming your way, yes the world is full of shit. But there is also good stuff. Accept the bad shit that has happened to you, it’s there, it won’t go away.
You failed your exams? Do it again, or find another way. Life is never at a dead end, there always is a way.
Life is not about escaping all the bullshit, it’s about balancing your bullshit and your good stuff.

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You always have to work hard for good stuff to happen, be it with Magick or without.

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That makes sense.

Yeah and I’m having trouble doing it.

Im lacking in that way too.

Sometimes it is hard to balance. Sometimes you feel like there’s only bad stuff. But be honest to yourself, it’s not true.

Work hard and play hard. When you work, you work. And then enjoy your free time. That’s th balance you need to seek. Not an easy life where money comes flying your way without you lifting a finger.

You want to make millions? Do you think a self made millionaire got his money from complaining? No, from hard work, yes luck, and not giving up after one failure.

I’m not trying to be rude, I understand you.

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Your first task is to figure out who you are and what you really want. Otherwise, all the rest is just not going to help you. If you don’t have that, you will have all kinds of issues, spells not working, etc.
You are young yet, so try different things. Be honest with yourself when you don’t like something and don’t keep trying to make yourself into being something you are not.
Sometimes its just an event that really changes you, even though you don’t see it at the time.

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Thats the thing Im so against the work that Im currently doing which is school, its a captive system. And its bullshit.

I had it figured out, and then I dont…

There are worse things in life than school, believe me. You don’t have to like it. Endure it, it will be over at some point.

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Your young, it will take some time to figure out what you really want.

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I remember that, thinking I had it all figured out. It was simple, I wanted money, my dad knew the way to make money, become an engineer. But I hated the math. I was failing it, again.
Then I was left with nothing. But I didn’t really listen to myself, I had just taken others advice because I didn’t really know what to do with myself.
See, that is what self honesty is all about. Where do you focus your effort? What gives you a sense of satisfaction?
So, in that sense you have two tasks, knowing yourself, and figuring out how the world actually works. Like when I figured out that engineering wasn’t just some money machine, but that I would have to spend my days doing a bunch of math.


Yeah u guys are right. I’m going to have to endure it at this point.

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Experience is your teacher, but so is life.

School to me is really your ability to obtain the rules that most people live by. Sure you feel it’s bullshit, but, how will you be able to beat the system if you never experienced it.

It gives you so much more than you actually realize and will support your magickal practice for years to come not to mention during the learning process you actually improve your minds capabilities, functioning and problem solving which I guarantee are skills you will need in the occult world.

Endure it and come out victorious. I know you will :slight_smile:

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Thank you.

Hang in there, dude. I definitely know where your’e coming from. It’s an absolute nightmare when you’re in that position. I hope you get better but keep fighting. Find something to live for or at least fight for.

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I picked you as my student awhile back. If I didn’t think you could do it, I would have never helped you.

Message me.


Thanks man.

I know I may sound like I might have it together but right now I’m an absolute mess mentally and I’m emotionally tired as well. Hopefully my spirits have my back and Mother Lilith. She’s a kind women but don’t get on her bad side. I unfortunately did and now she’s punishing me for it, 2 weeks she told me. I don’t know how but that woman scares me. Lol.

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