Whats going on?

So when i used to do energy work i would run into this quiet frequently, i still do on occasion what i would like to know is why does it happen? i would go to the store for example and someone would walk by or come up and i would instantly feel sick. id start to shake, like when your blood sugar drops. it would be to a point where i start seeing dancing lights and practically pass out, and have a migraine from hell to boot. the moment they walk away its like nothing ever happened. wtf? anyone have an idea why something like that would happen?

Does this happen with any kind of people or with certain persons even unknown to you? It might be vampirism you know, just saying.

you seem to be one of those people who are able to feel other’s emotions so intensely that you tend to take them over unwillingly. I guess your energy work is opening a gate, so after having done it, you feel other people’s emotions even stronger.
I learned about this in a therapy group. one of the members told a similar story. sometimes she did the shopping in a supermarket, not feeling sad or disturbed at all. but at the cashier’s desk, standing in a row with other people, she suddently felt a very strong emotion, that was completely overwhelming her, sometimes to the point that she had to struggle not to burst out in tears.

she didn’t know where it came from, and through time and self-observation she learned that she was taking over these feelings from other people in the queue.
actually, it is a gift. I guess you might also be able to tell pretty easily when someone is lying to you or pretending that he is happy when he is not.

but, like the woman in my group, you have to learn how to protect yourself from these feelings in everyday situations. sometimes it’s necessary to build up a wall, so that these emotions won’t disturb you.

in German this phenomenon is called “Hellfühligkeit”. unfortunately I couldn’t find an accurate translation, maybe someone else knows the right word.

thats exacly it! only im the cashier and in the 3 years that ive worked there it has happed a lot. it will be just someone passing through or when someone comes up to say hi. recently though they dont even have to be near me as long as their within visual range. its like getting hit by a semi. also when i get really pissed i have electronics go off, like fire alarms and such. a co worker of mine really pissed me of once and ended up having to stand behind me while our boss explained something said that he could feel so much heat radiate from me that it was like standing next to a furnace. so anybody have any thoughts on how to control it. i tryed wall building techniques, havent found any that work for me. if anyone knows of any please share, i really need one.

oh i just remembered its not that i just feel their emotions sometimes its more. we had this girl at work who just started crying no one knew what was up, i asked her what wrong. then i started shaking and dizzy and in my head all i could hear was hes dying, hes dying. later when i asked her about it she told me she just has episodes. it didnt ring true though.

I’ve seen “Hellfühligkeit” translated as “clairsentience”, which is actually a pretty good word for what you’re describing. I think a lot of people would just call it empathy, but that creates confusion with the more common experience of the same name.

Vprotas, I’ll second what Mary Kate said about building a wall. There’s also the vampiric approach, of taking in these energies and learning to process them as an energetic resource for you - food. Michelle Belanger’s The Vampire Codex has some information on the subject, as I recall. She donated it to the Sacred Texts archive, so you can find it at http://www.sacred-texts.com/goth/vc/. Check out the chapter on Shielding Techniques.