What's going on with me?

I’ve been feeling really weird lately. As I’m reflecting on everything I’m wondering if it could be possession. But I’d like to know everyone’s input on this considering the amount of experience some of you have under yall’s belts.

So lately at random moments I’ll feel this huge influx of energy inside me… like this crazy swirling mass within my core getting bigger and stronger. It feels like it surges throughout my entire body and sort of makes me want to moan… so I’m not sure what that’s about.

It’s easier to control things, I find that the weather is the easiest. But I’ve also found I have to be careful with it… I got annoyed with my boyfriend and he ended up getting a nosebleed. I was annoyed at my mother and suddenly shes to weak to even speak and I couldn’t touch her without her crying out in pain.

I feel like theres fire in my veins… and lately when I evoke someone and recite their enn my voice changes into the rumbling growling sound that doesn’t even sound like my voice(my voice is high and sometimes squeaky). And I start sort of “talking in tongues” I guess you could say. Just words I don’t understand.
I find myself laughing when someone gets mutilated or killed in movies.
So what is going on with me.


Do you feel wiped out as fuck after this happens?

I feel the hellfire coming from you.
Im proud :grinning:
Very Proud :metal:

Seems like a Godform Merger with to me. Although Azazel is there with you.

Or else…
You have a SHIT TON of power


It’s called Kundalini, sista. Ain’t that complicated.


No not really. The opposite actually.

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I didn’t know kundalini could be generated from the core. Huh…
I thought it just shot up from the spine like always.

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Sounds like kundalini activation or if you have already been under a mental health professional I’d check out if it’s linked to anything there first.

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Kundalini, chi, psi, prana, all different forms of the same spiritual substance. Kundalini can stir up your chi which is held in the lower Dan Tien reservoir below the belly button. As it clears blockages you will continue to feel uploads of powerful energy into each chakra, especially in the core and throat. Make sure you get in plenty of meditation. Learn proper yogic or qi gung breathing to contain and channel it. Discipline yourself or it will break havoc. Some people are lucky enough to have fun with the havoc. You may get spontaneous Tai chi like movements. Listen to your body in meditation. Do it now! Lol jk I have know idea what I’m talking about.

Oh, look into bioelectricity and the fire in the blood, Dan Winter helps you understand the science of the process which will help dispel the confusing metaphysical and mythological jargon.


Black flame power!!


Wow thanks so much @Atinama that’s really helpful.

You’re definitely right about that. During meditations I’ll get these visions of someone sitting in front of me doing hand movements so I follow along. Or my hands and arms will move on their own in the same sort of way.
Thanks again :ok_hand:


I get this often, I usually just ground it out. Too much energy, as you said, can be problematic.


It’s a funny feeling isnt it… I’ve never felt anything like it it’s so unlike me I really thought I might be possessed.
And yes grounding is key.

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I like to put it into things like seeds to see if there is a change or I force it to be positive like, help so and so.


I like that its creative. I had been putting it into physical activity. Mainly cardio. But I did notice it gives me a huge boost as far as physical strength and stamina.


Sounds like you’re fueling the fire lol.

But yeah it has its perks.

Oops :sweat_smile: really? I thought itd help.

Not really bad lol I just think how exercise uses energy and your magickal energy is contributing to it like adrenaline. Not bad.

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Ground yourself

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Okay good that’s what I had thought. I just figured it was a way to both exert that energy and be out in nature for grounding.

Could just be gas.