Whats going on bruh

So when I close my eyes I tend to see eyes or flowing colors flowing around especially at one point I used to see a smile and when my eyes are open and it is dark see the colors as well I mostly see blue when I close my eyes and at one point with the blue swirls of light a man showed up along with it (he mouthed something but I wasn’t sure he prolly said you are loved idk) and at the same time I could see him clearly but also I couldn’t im not that sure I think it could be micheal one time when It was night time and there was a red color near me and formed a person in the midst of the color and he gestered a boob grab lol but yeah the blue colors would also form into a of two people chillin above me on my bed I would also see orbs and sometimes I would see purple and looking back idk if I was trippin (most likely)or not but it kinda was funny to me he dabbed >.> does anyone hav any insights on this?