Whats everyone up to? (Quarantine chats)

So Whats up peeps? :smiley:

hows everyone doing?

Getting heavily drunk on memes.

(Oh and some magick, too)

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im listening to a bunch of uplifting rock songs and having brekkie at 3pm

Dude, that’s the life. Although I kinda feel bad that I’m so lazy these days.

i know what you mean

aaand the song that was constantly used for trolling all through last year…

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Fuck this shit is still annoying :joy:

today be the 1st time i listen to it

Well I envy you then. :joy:

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Currently working to overcome challenges that block me lmao

One down tho

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what kinda challenges if you dont mind my asking

To stop being overly critical of myself and let go of the past and self doubt; if I don’t succeed to keep trying; remember I can do anything and keep moving forward; put my focus into one thing and see it through to the end and find balance in everything I do; to not be afraid of asking for help when needed; and to not deny or block my creativity.

Last one is done haha

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sounds like a good list

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time to terrify the thread

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Accurate representation of 10- year-old me when my Xstian mom forced me to do a prayer before eating lunch :woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2:


a simple prayer is fine (though i understand the annoyance of being forced to, as prayer should be natural imo) but this is just hilarious cause the kid is imitating the preachers to a T and everyone falls for it.


Kid is feelin it tho :joy:

remember…the holy ghost wants your money, for just a limited time only, we have a special sale of 5 bucks per entrance in heaven, and yes…you can bring your pets

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Ya he’s got it in him don’t he? :joy::joy: