Whats difference between The Book of Smokeless Fire & Goetia?

Whats difference between The Book of Smokeless Fire & Goetia? Does it use the same spirits? Do these spirits teach you or only do a service?


If you want to talk to the author then his Facebook page is a better option.

As for the book, firstly the djinn in it are purely for baneful magic.
It’s written from a LHP paradigm and has many innovative technologies in it even the circles and triangle of art used in the system is done with geometric precision and unlike anything put out before and you can see the heavy lovecraftian influence in it.

I’m personally not into the lovecraftian current and got it more for its LHP focus on working with djinn and it delivers on that better than most works out there on the topic in english.

There’s powerful conjurations and it’s an all round a great system to work with.
Even if you don’t want to work the whole system and prefer to do simpler evocations it’s helpful because this is the first time sigils have been given for these djinn and since most beginners need that for magical works.

I feel it needs repeating that the entities are purely for baneful works.it’s worth getting it and hoping you don’t need to use it as opposed to not having access.

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No, they are not the same spirits at all. The Book of Smokeless Fire deals with what S. Ben terms Djinn, and they are purely destructive. They do not teach.

I understand S. Ben Qayin is no longer affiliated with BALG and so may not answer, and I have the book so I thought I’d try to answer your question.

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Ah but they do :slight_smile: if you’re willing to endure some certain things

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The djinn are very close to the physical plane and their energy is very jarring and erratic to work with.
There are different races of the djinn

You might find that they may manifest poltergeist activity as a side effect of attempting to solidify their presence using evocation.

People may feel uncomfortable around you when their around and you can see this manifest physically.

They don’t hold human concepts of societal boundaries and may poke in other aspects of your life you want untouched if you don’t specify.

However, they work very fast and are good allies to have. Can teach some really good things about working with the fire as an elemental energy and on the physical plane too.

Usually if you really want to pathwork the djinn you would work with the King of the Djinn as he’s one of the only one who can somewhat symphatize with humans and their misconceived limitations. He’ll act more civilized for lack of a better word ( bear in mind this being our societies misconceived concept of civility )

Or you can work with the Queen of the Djinn: Aisha Quandisha ( or Laylah) a sister to Lilith.

Yes Lilith is that awesome that she found a way to implant herself into the Muslim tradition.