What's a Spirit Mother?

So, I’ve heard the term “Spirit Mother” being used when talking about servitor creation. What are those and what do they have to do with servitors?

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That’s a new one on me.

Don’t think I’ve seen those things mentioned together.


You may want to say where you’ve seen this. It doesn’t make sense to me and I’ve not heard it. Might be interesting to read about, though.

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I’ve never heard the term “spirit mother” used in relation to servitors before but, and this is just a guess, it might be in regards to a greater spirit giving the created spirit a soul, thus making it completely autonomous, like @Keteriya did for Luna.


Me either.


Or maybe, perhaps the spirit mother is@Keteriya?


I think that means like Mother of servitors. Mother as in creator.


It was a post somewhere on this website. Problem is that I can’t recall the post’s title.


That sounds like a good theory


I tried searching with just spirit mother and didn’t find anything related- at least at a glance through.

I changed it to servitor spirit mother and found this one:

He’s really comparing spiritual children, servitors and human birth as being basically similar actions. I didn’t read the replies though to see if he got anywhere more specific on the mother topic, however.

I think we are mostly in agreement though, that where we can see how the creator, or the one who gives the servitor it’s very own soul, could be considered it’s mother- but that it’s not something commonly thought of or associated with servitors and their creation.

I’d assume that is largely because the majority still create their servitors to be disposed of after their job is completed, whereas I create them to stick around and basically to be used almost like familiars, or any other type of spirit you would call on.