What's a good starting point?

What would be a good demon to start off with to work with? or a first step?

But aren’t most demons destructive?

What would be a good resource to check what demon fits that character? someone sent me one and to me it makes the demons seem destructive and dangerous.

Yes, what @anon86858314 wrote …and also ask yourself, what are some of your end goals? More money? Better job? Healthy romantic life? Personal enrichment and learning? Ask yourself how magick can help assist you in your regular life and search for an entity that can help you in that area. :bouquet:


Honestly everything. I feel like I could use some help with everything. And Antony, I’ll check out that book for sure. I definitely want to find out a demon to work with for sure.

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I just don’t know if that’ll work for me, I believe in demons sure but angels I find hard to believe.

I don’t know whether to reply to your message since you deleted it but I don’t know I think i’ll stick with demons honestly.But thank you for the advice.

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I would suggest Naberius or Orobas as first contacts, they’re total bros.

What do I need to make contact with them?

A desire to make contact, then meditate on their seal whilst chanting their enn. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just need some way to form a link to them. Keep an open mind and heart, signs will manifest if they want to go further.


Wicca, then Chaos, then demons.

Just my opinion.


Wicca is easy to understand and perform, Chaos goes into intermediate magick, when both these stepping stones have been jumped off, not only will you have both LHP and RHP experience, you will be ready and know what to expect when working with spirits such as demons.