What's a good spirit or spell that can attract a person with connections to celebrities and hollywood?

I would like something that can have me meet or bring a person to me who has connections to the celebrities and all that good stuff if someone can be kind to give me one of the two, or both so i could try both.


I think Lucifer or King Paimon could help you.
I am sure other members of the forum would know for sure.

There are many spirits that could help, if it is not too far out of your reach.

However, contrary to many opinions in the occult community, spirits are not all powerful and the ability to bring specific types of people to you is greatly affected by your Sphere of Influence.

if you are living in a cardboard box in an alley, no matter what spirit you call, they will not be able to bring you a million dollars.

If you do not live anywhere near celebrities, nor are you in a career where you might encounter them, it is unlikely you will meet someone with “connections” to them.

All that being said, I recommend you use a Spare style sigil to meet your needs. They are very popular within the Chaos Magick paradigm for meeting people because they use your own consciousness to align the circumstances in your favour, meaning it will put you in the right place at the right time to accomplish your intent.


Not sure what kind of connections you are after, but a talent agency would have connections. No magick required.


Okay, nice, thank you. So how would one go about doing a Spare style sigil? Sorry if the answer’s already been said on the forum.

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I’m after personal connections with the celebrities, which i don’t think agencies can provide.

Try belial or lucifer

Or anharantu,from the book of azazel

^ This ^ & really all of @DarkestKnight 's post. I wanted to meet my favorite band (who are really fricken famous, not a little group) & I made up a satchel with herbs & stitched sigils on it I had made from each band member’s names. However, I also knew from the mundane world what hotel they were at & stuff. I ended up meeting 2 of the 4 (the other two didn’t want to leave the club they were partying at to meet with fans that night). I think I would’ve met them all & had an even better encounter, if I wasn’t so timid with my intention. If you want to meet a certain celebrity, aim right for them. Make a sigil out of their name, make use of their birth horoscope, whatever. But go for the gold & really put the intention of what you really really want into it strongly. Just my 2 cents. Magick + Mundane is better than just Magick alone, imho.

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