What's a good spirit for a Oil lamp scrying besides mepsitahl

Just wonder if any one knows anything about it.

Sastan, from Kingdoms of Flame.

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Thank you for the info much appreciated.

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Very few people uses oil lamps for scrying or evocation (not unlike crystall balls, mirrors, bowls of water). Franz Bardon talks of them in his books, and recomends using oil lamps colored akin the planetary symbology or atributes for the ritual intention or spirit sphere of the evocated entity

In a small book called Goetic Spellwork from S. Aldarnay there are instructions for making a water scrying ritual with President Camio, and a special oil lamp especifically for necromancy with Duke Murmur. (The book its like a essay and not difficult to get, costs like 4 usd from the Hadean Press, Guides to the Underworld section)

Setting that aside, almost any spirit traditionally related to divination can be called for scrying with (dont mind the medium), (Duke Agares, Prince Vassago from the Goetia come to my mind)

You (any) can practice with that, and if develop a relation with that spirit, (and if you want), you also can dedicate one specially charged for the spirit in question, as the oil lamp listed in the S. Aldarnay book