What's a good magic ritual to do on your birthday?

I just turned 20 today. Do any of you have some ideas on any magic rituals i can do for this day?


Why not just enjoy and relax tho? :smiley:

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True haha

Well, here’s one idea - the angel number 20 means the start of a spiritual journey.
Design a ritual to bring you success in magik for the rest of the year. Get to know a new entity. Maybe get out in nature and contemplate new beginnings. Set yourself up to expect great things and they are all starting right now.

2nd idea: look up the gematria for the number 20 - you’ll get a bunch of words and phrases than can be converted to that number by assigning number values to alphabet letter.
Then scroll that list (e.g… this one) and notice of any phrases stand out for you… use that as the basis for a ritual.

3rd idea:


Happy birthday

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