🔮 What you need to know right now: Pick a card

Hi everyone! So I felt up to doing this reading today, so I thought why not? :woman_shrugging:t2: Today is going to be about what messages you need to know a
at this moment, I’m going to try and go in-depth depending on what needs to be said.

This is a pick a card reading, some of it may resonate, and some of it might not. This isn’t a personal reading.

The decks I’m going to use are Fallen Angel oracle cards, Sacred spirit cards, Angel tarot cards and some Rider Waite original.

I will be doing three piles, picture is below. Please only choose the one you feel drawn to, rather than what is the prettiest. I will be posting the readings in the comments :blush:


The tree :star_struck:

The middle one caught my attention instantly

The second one.

The one in the right

Third please :heart:

Pile 1

For those who have chosen pile 1, I’m sensing some conflict happening. I get a feeling of nervousness and anger towards someone. This reading isn’t saying to fight back, but rather to stand your own and don’t attack out of feelings, but rather wait for them to come to you. This other person seems to have a chaotic energy, maybe a toxic person who is hard to get out of your life. Even though this may be a difficult time for you, you have to see it through instead of hiding from it. I feel that this will give you the strength to deal with situations in the future. I think you have to remind yourself that you are worthy and to seek peace in yourself. Don’t worry about this person, it does seem that they want to hold onto you and control you in a way. I’m not feeling that it’s anything physical, more emotionally and mentally.


Pile 2

Spiritual growth seems to be a theme for those who chose pile 2. It’s like you’re being called to do what you need to do, maybe something that you have been putting off for a while. You’re being called to focus, and maybe try and connect with mentors or people who view things the same way as you.

We’ve got the Meditation card: Improvements require persistence, Light Codes: Travel awaits you, Sacred Divity: There are two paths ahead, Spiritual evolution, Set your heart free, Third eye vision: Reclaim your mind and Love and Light: Act with care.

Followed by the Angel tarot that suggests there’s going to be some wealth heading your way. Wealth doesn’t mean you’ll be stinking rich, but something you may have manifested is on it’s way. I also feel that there’s a new career on the horizen, so this may tie in with the wealth aspect.

If those of you who have chosen this pile have someone of romantic interest that you may have distanced from, there is mention of a resurface of that. But I get the feeling that this may make you feel blocked in some way, maybe the person didn’t serve your best interests. I feel like the ‘act with care’ card is saying if you want to re-connect with this person, feel free to do so but don’t expect much of them.


Pile 3

For those who chose pile 3, this seems to be about how you feel at the moment. I sense some depression and low mood happening, and maybe you’re questioning yourself like “Am I good enough for x y z?” It seems you have what you have worked for and dreamt of in your hands ready for you to claim it, but you’re feeling a type of guilt, and feeling like you don’t deserve it. I’m feeling a rush of emotions as I’m doing this reading, I think what you’re feeling is putting you on the spot and you’re unsure with how to move forward.

This is confirmed by the Ego card which is representing a false sense of entrapment and negative, fear based thoughts. I feel like someone may be trying to make you feel bad about your accomplishments, I’m getting the feel that it’s someone who wants what you have but isn’t willing to do the work, so in a way they’re projecting onto you. Maybe you also feel bad for this person, so you’re starting to be a bit harsh on yourself.

I think you do want peace, and you’re trying to fill that void with things that can’t give you that.


Hey guys, so that’s the readings done :slight_smile: Please leave some feedback, I’d appreciate it :blush:


Thanks Becca you are the best … i choose the third pile and yeah thats the perfect defination of what i am feeling right now.

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Yeah it is an emotional time for me…

This explains so much!

Thanks and good job

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This is the one I picked and it is dead on.

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Hi, I chose the first deck, it resonates with me. Thank you very much.

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Pile3 resonates perfectly

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Omg this is so accurate for what I’m going through right now. I feel much better after reading it :slight_smile:

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First impulse was to pick card 2 but after thinking took card 3 instead. I am in slump for quite a while now and have no energy for anything. So i think my heart wants to do the work (pile 2) but my mind is trapped in this lazy haze (pile 3) for now. So I guess it is a good reading that i could take my 2 cents from.

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Even though I picked Pile 3, Pile 1 seems to resonate best with what’s been happening to me.

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One on the right :hugs: (pile 3 i think)

Ah oof missed it again :rofl: thanks either way :heartbeat: