What you can do without a pre-defined skillset. (Noob friendly)

I was thinking about this very briefly because… I write mostly off impulse, but I thought it would be cool to see members suggestions to this thread and of course help people who hadn’t done much of anything regarding magick before.

So the idea is to write things that people can do who don’t have already skills/foundation to do more advanced things like evocation ect, so they can build practical experience building into more advanced ideas… (hope that makes sense)

Easy one from me,
When a partner is too warm in my bed and they are close too or touching me I make myself too hot to touch by using my noodle to make myself too warm… This basically involves me cooking myself with my mind, I think of fire and ovens and I fill myself with heat until my physical temperature raises to the point where they roll away.

Stupid but I’m sure there are many things people do to make life a little more bearable and this is just one of the many I do…

Anyway I’d love to see what people say here, at best someone might learn something cool and at worst wel get to laugh at each other and learn more about our peers, cheers.

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As far as visualization/manifestation goes, when I was younger I would often imagine (usually in waking dreams) having sex with people I lusted after. After a while my abilities got to the point that I could visualize them in great detail, almost as if it were an actual memory. I also ended up in a relationship with the girl I mainly sought after. I was not knowledgeable on magick at the time but I do believe I was performing it. Lust is a powerful force and can be used to great benefit.

On this note, a simple process can be followed.

  1. Find something you truly desire (so much so that you find yourself preoccupied with it)
  2. Meditate on an image that represents this (ie if you want a car, visualize the car. If more abstract think of a symbol for the idea)
  3. Think about what you want to do with the car, person, or whatever
  4. Go about your day

This is a mental way of doing sigil magick that gets more powerful over time as you do this over and over. Its key to spend time really meditating on it, go over the details of the object (study pictures of it prior to this if you need to). If you get what you want, then great. If it fails, then at least you have some solid practice at visualization which really comes in handy. Imo visualization and meditation are the two key skills to learn for powerful magick


Perfect, thank you for your response bro! I think visualization is possibly one of the greatest tools! If you can put yourself there you can have it!

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