What you can do to ensure a quick and definite success when you give a spirit a task

What you can do to ensure a quick and definite success when you give a spirit a task.

Okay so adepts in evocation understand the mechanics of evocations if not let me break down the main components.

  1. Prepatorial immerison - this means that you pick the spirit you want to work with. Once that is done you must read and research about the spirit, it’s lore and the mythology it’s from.

What this does is immerse your mind into understanding the entity. With that understanding inside your psyche you start tapping into the field of consciousness subconsciously and from that your subconscious mind begins connecting to the essence of the spirit.

  1. Substantial Contact - Before fully evoking the spirit to physical manifestation it is best suited to first make substantial contact with the spirit first.

How this is done can be different.
You can build a altar as a act of devotion to the spirit. You can light candles and incense for the spirit as a offering with the spirits sigil open sometimes even anointed.

You can simply do a combination of prayer, enn recitation, meditation and sigil opening etc. Once the substantial contact is made you may open the sigil and introduce yourself and tell the entity you wish to work with it.

Once the spirit and you have had minor contact and the subtle energy of the spirit is around you. You’ll become attuned and aligned with that spirits vibration and sync in well with its energy. This fortifys and prepares you for meeting the entity and having a better evocation all In all.

  1. Evocation - in this magickal art you having many steps.

Preparing the space - lighting candles, incense, cleanings and using incantations to shift the area from mundane vibrations to vibrations of power.
Entering trance - entering the theta gamma sync and as you move on with the next step this trance deepens into the rapture and crossroads state.
Calling - this can be done by opening gateways or a sigil in combination with a conjuration. Once you keep calling the entity over and over pushing your will and intent into the process you have the first stage of manifestation.
First stage of manifestation - The first stage of manifestation is called “The Blanket Manifestation”. The energy and power and presence of the spirit descends or rises into the area as a felt presence this is the spirits true form for they do not have bodies like you and i.
Structuring - next stage is structuring this is done for creating a astral matrix / body for the spirit to use as a vehicle to operate In our world. Once the astral matrix is structured the spirit is directed into the body, the structure if made properly will have a astral matrix which sucks in the spirit into the body like a vortex.
Manifestation base - once the spirit is structured inside a manifestation base for example incense smoke. The body of the spirit solidifies and becomes solid once fed your power.
Task - then normally the magicians asks the spirit to perform a task, to bring the operators desire into manifestation. Normally this is done by focus of intent pushing of desire and sometimes even a offering as a thank you. 

Seems all good and works right ?.

Yeah it does however working with various spirits I came across a method which gives the spirit the right charge if you will.

For a successful and quick manifestation of your goal. I call it “Willful Input”, it has served me very well in my few years and now I share it with all you to reap its benefits.

The Steps.

Once the spirit is standing before you, all senses can perceive and interact with it in physical manifestation.

Simply focus on your heart chakra, whilst doing this think of what you want to manifest see it internally while looking at the spirit before you.

As you focus on this see the spirit in your mind performing your task, see how the goal manifests itself and see yourself smiling knowing it was a success.

As you do this feel that desire and will and intent flare a energy surge through your heart chakra. As you inhale the energy grows as you exhale exhaust your desire into the growing energy. Repeat this until you feel it acumalate in your chest.

Now as you inhale visualise the stream of energy carrying your desire, your intent, your will and your energy into your Zeal chakra.

Once sat inside the zeal chakra also called ‘The Mouth Of God’. Feel that chakra charge this energy stream with your godlike power. Now visualise a bright white light run from the zeal chakra down your right arm into the spirit and say out loud your task for the spirit. Say it from your Zeal Chakra the voice of your own godself.

Now you are creating powerful synergy, you are giving the task from the mouth of God, your most powerful voice. Also your pushing all your desire into the astral matrix of the spirit, giving it the right juice if you will to perform the task more efficiently.

Make sure you exhaust all your desire into the operation. Once all this is given to the spirit, even when combined with blood is potent as fuck. I’ve witnessed the body of the spirit shine brighter with power and become more solid ready to perform the task at hand.

Once the spirit is dismissed and you just forget about the ritual and psychologically retract yourself from wondering if it’ll work.

Your goal will be manifest in no time.


After chanting the spirits name the room fogs then you imaging the entity in front of you and keep chanting till its sold?

i have tried structure but fail for some reason

Great stuff, thanks! :+1:

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No you learn first how to enter the theta gamma sync and rapture state.

This allows us to see static rain, also been called sprites and also been called the morph.

Once this is seen you can project the Internal image to your external senses which template itself on the static rain placed Inside a manifestation base.

Once projected you can the feed the structure energy via pushing of power from your zeal chakra this guides the entity inside the structure giving it like a spiritual vehicle to possess.

As the trance deepens and the spirit grows in presence with a sufficient amount of manifestation base the spirit will become physically manifest.


i can open the sigil no problem and as i chant the room will fade away then i try to imagine the spirit but that’s it nothing seems to happen

should you get in to deepest trance as possible before trying to structuring?

Physically manifest? As in present on this plane in solid material form and visible to anyone who might walk in, can be physically touched, etc? And you have done this? Photos, please. If it’s physical, it can be photographed.

My methods are similar, I even have a “blanket” exercise which I call “wrapped in a blanket.” Interesting synchronicity. Once I have what you call substantial contact (and I have also used these words, but not for this same phenomenon), I can communicate with the spirit and have never needed to evoke into my space, physically or otherwise. However, I have not worked with Goetic daemons.

My goals are usually not material/observable; they tend to be more spiritual and mystical. Which is probably why I never came to this forum until recently. I may have to experiment.

Aside: Did you all see that Kickstarter with the Goetic sigil enamel pins? I got the set, it came in a nice binder with descriptors. I got it because so many images of the sigils are of lousy quality.

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