What would you tell your 15-year old Self If You Could?


Simple, study magick.


Don’t feel bad about being Asian


If you go to bed after your big win she’ll be dead in the morning. #livelifewithoutregrets


“Get that fucking high school degree and go the fuck to university, idiot.”


“Sell your xbox, you’re not going to be a big youtube gamer. Go play your guitar. Also, playing guitar in this small town will NOT get you laid, but when you move it will, so git gud, scrub.”

Kinda wasted like three years of my life on that infernal box.


Stop being so fucking lazy and start working out.
Don’t forget to love and appreciate.
It’s really not worth crying, being mad or overthink stuff like that because if you keep doing that then you’ll lose the one thing that you care for the most and you’ll regret not doing things differently.


Some things like not being shy, studying, and about Magick: the “Fake it till you make it” advice, “Don’t expect Hollywood, at least not necessarily” and the TGS.


Don’t be an armchair wiccan, start practising asap! Also, your mother in law is a narcissistic psychopath, get rid of her before she ruins everything!!!


“Don’t be an armchair wiccan, start practising asap!”

Most unhappiness is caused by searching for happiness. Stop it!

Magick actually works, so start doing Magick! Stop reading! Start doing! There’s a lot more to Magick than Aleister Crowley and in nine years time Liber Null & Psychonaut will be published.

Nasal snuff, try to purchase it or have someone purchase it for you. This stuff will blow you away. Get hooked on snuff early and you’ll never smoke. So economic and orbital!

Women : “Nothing is beautiful except man: but most beautiful of all is woman.” A woman is a temple – built over a sewer. That new car smell of a woman wears off pretty quick, but the payments remain - just saying. Don’t worry what people think about you, because no one thinks about you all that much.

Abhay Charanaravinda Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada is learned and has done the hard yards, but for the most part he’s an ignorant hypocrite and full of it. Nonetheless, stay vegetarian.

If there was truth in advertising the slogan would be: The burgers are shit at Hunger Jacks!



It was not so long ago, but I would say to him :
“Stop being afraid”.


Stop trying to be a drug dealer, you’re going to get caught eventually.
Focus on your art-work.
Fix your relationships with your grandparents.


Learn the 21 amino acids. It’ll be much easier to get it done than to wait until the week before your first grad school committee meeting.


Stop only reading about magick and start doing it. You will learn more from acton than from a book. Otherwise it will take you 24 years to finally realize that.


All the secrets I know today…oh man…what I wouldve wanted to say and do to people back then…I wouldve had so much more fun.


Don’t forget your sovereignty. You need no one other than yourself. Stick by Lucifer, he will always be here with us. Trust yourself and believe. Fear is awareness.


Trust the feelings you have that the church is wrong. You’ve known since you were very young that you are being lied to. Don’t look for validation from others. Most will just waste your time and cause you problems. Don’t listen to the advice of others if it goes against what you feel is right. Just because someone is older and supposed to be wiser doesn’t mean that they are. Follow your dreams but get off your ass and do the work to make them happens. No one will hand you anything. You have to earn it. Just because you want something does not mean it will just happen for you. You must put in the effort to achieve the goal.


Don’t touch yourself there, child.


Remember three words and one number, they will make sense later

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“Its not your fault. You deserve better.”


It’s always ok to raise your fist and punch the fvck out of the bully, even if you’re skinny and fragile. You will regret if you don’t, it’ll eat your self esteem away and many years later you’ll still want to seek for methods to destroy their lives completely because there’s no katharsis.