What would you save?

Ok, so here’s what’s happening: Your house is burning down and there is nothing you can do to stop it. There are only 3 books you can save and 3 things(that’s not books). What would those 3 books( also if you can please give a reason as to why) and things be?

This thread is a book recommendation somewhat. I know there are already threads for book recommendations, but I made it see which books you find most important.

I can’t do mine yet because I’m still waiting for books to arrive and I don’t have anything important enough just yet.

Keep in mind this is magick related, anything not magick related is out of the question.

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So I’m assuming saving my familiar is a given? Books: Queen of Hell, KoF, WoD.
Items: My Athame, Staff and Personal Grimoire(Though whether this qualifies in the book or item category is a bit iffy, if you consider it a book , then it replaces WoD and the item would be my tablet with hundreds of occult ebooks, Actually the tablet would make more sense than the staff :thinking:)


hm, very good. Yes, your familiar can be saved as well.

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Me my kids my sigil note book my demon experiences book n my chrome notebook Lol with my phone tucked away sadly where I always put it

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well, let’s see.

The Stone with the ring, that’s one.

along the knife, twice.

my phone, else i’d be left alone.


Alice in Wonderland,
Bavarian Cookbook,
and my selfwritten Personal Grimoire which is called “Codex”.

Those would be what i rescue,
assuming i could only safe 3 of each.

Of course, that’s less then i carry with me even when going to work or shopping. :stuck_out_tongue:

Reasoning behind it:
The Stone allowes me both to harness the Power of whatever made the fire indistiguable in the first hand.
The Ring, would shield me against it happening again, especially when using some of the Spellcraft in Codex.
The Bavarian Cookbook would make sure i don’t end up homeless.
As - as long as i provide food in better quality then what’s casually found where i go - i’ll always find shelter.
The phone, assumes i have relatives i want to tell about the incident.^^
If i don’t, it makes up for the Ring and the Stone actually being two items, as i haven’t finished it’s processing completely.

If both of these, no relatives and the ring being fully finished by then, apply it may be changed for propably my lighter, as even as destructive that fire may have been, fire will very likely help me stay alive and keep up,
in any scenario where i can’t rely on relatives which will help me out of this.
Having the Stone, a Knife and an Lighter will ultimately keep me alive even if i happen to be homeless after this scenario, without any chance on getting a job which comes with accomodation.

Lastly, the Alice in Wonderland book.
As some may know by now, that book isn’t just a nice fairy tail,
it’s actually a book on Relative physics.
I’ve used it before to enhance my power over my direct enviorment,
and i’d definately do that again after such an incident happening to me.
It still is, just as well a good distracion,
something to read when being forced to leave your home and finding some desperation for a sense of safety or at least relief.

Lastly, assuming i may have lost those items or not been able to safe any…
I’d probably find myself getting to a safe spot around the house,
and going full blown out of body,
to seek out a solution for what just happened,
Contacting both my Demonic as well as my HGA.




This is why they make fire safes and fire bags, and why you keep those in the place in the house least likely to build to flashpoint temperature, e.g. the stone side room in the basement. The things I really want saved are already safe, right now.

Keep in mind this is magick related, anything not magick related is out of the question.

Then why did you open with a very practical scenario that isn’t magik related? People are allowed to and will rely how they like and you don’t get to dictate the answer.

Everything material is expendable and most of it’s replaceable, especially books. My house is hardly John Dee’s library.

I’ll be grabbing the cat, then.


I respect that. the reason i put magickal things only was because I first made this thread for books focusing on magick. As i said this is mostly for recommendations. I don’t really care for the items that much. Plus, its basic knowledge to save your family, friends, and pets first. Also, it didn’t have to be a fire that destroyed your house it could be another natural disaster( i didn’t think of this part when i made the thread, so i’ll fix it). True, almost everything is replaceable, but for this moment imagine that it’s not please. Oh yeah, I opened the scenario like that because that’s the first thing that popped into my head. I hope this clears things up.

My Orishas…my Ita from Ocha (because that’s my life-map from my Orishas) my cats who are all my familiars…a flashdrive of my computer that’s probably more than on the list but that’s what I would gather quickly and save.


My physical copy of the Collected Works of EA Koetting and a flash drive containing my current writing projects.

Everything else is replaceable.

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My grimiore

My hand made circles 2

Anthame and chalice

All other books can be bought again. The stuff in my grimiore alone has incantations no one has seen before.
My beta fish "Neptune " and my sons beta fish and turtle
And assuming my kids are already out

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I thought about this for a while but I realised that every book I own has already melted itself into my mind (and some into my DNA; even if Alzheimer’s will take me one day some of the things I have read etched themselves into my very core) :books:

Maybe I would save my very first magic related book “Lexikon der magischen Künste” by Hans Biedermann, because it was the first book ever introducing adolescent me to magick other than swinging wands or riding brooms :smiley:
It’s a bit trashy but it was beautifully illustrated and delivered a whole lot of background information.

For the mundane things: I would grab my box with insurance papers so I can buy the majority of lost stuff back :smiley:
And I would fetch my box with the ashes of my late dogs.
And I would save my car keys.

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I would save my Sigil Book which are highly decorated sigils and especially inclusing my Runes. The, id save my informational grimoire, and then my Blank Grimoire for writing new things. They are all thick leatherboind with many pages.

As for Non-books Id save my Garmet Bag full of Suits+Tux, a full body suit set (shoes, pants, coat, bag) of Fully Resistant Cold Weather Gear and Boots with Fully Water Sealed 3-Day extendes Hiker Backpack (already is set up with clothes and socks paxked in it) Then Id lastly take my Tech-Gear such as Laptop and portable solar charger batteries.

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Books: Simulations of God by John C. Lilly (mostly because I’m not done reading it, but also because it’s one of the most irreplaceable books I’ve ever cracked open. I’d highly recommend it to any serious occult practitioner), Beelzebub’s Tales To His Grandson by George Gurdjeif (A must have for anyone interested in self-psychoanalysis, which as a magician you should be), and probably Book 4 by Crowley (because it’s one of the only books in the equinox that isn’t a mire of deliberate obfuscation concealing only a few gems).

Things: Tarot deck (duh), diary (unless that counts as a book), and laptop (all my writing is on there).

My cat would most likely already be outside or run outside on her own, but she’s not a thing or a book so that’s neither here nor there.

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Tibetan Book of the Dead, a book on Yoga by Richard Hittleman and one about alchemy by (supposedly) Llull.
Objects, either pen, paper (to draw magical symbols) and a sort of crystal heart received by a Buddhist monk or salt, a feather and a lighter to use as elemental items.

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