What would you like me to cover on my next Facebook live?

As many of you are aware I have a Facebook page called “The Infernal Obelisk” dedicated to black magick, occultism and practical spirituality.
I have recently been enjoying doing live streams as I feel it is more engaging than a pre-recorded and edited YouTube video.

What topics would you like to see covered ?.


Healing through necromancy and vampirism


Well if you’re real then you should cover why books mentioned here such as demons of magick, lucifer and the hidden demons, magick of angels and demons, goetia pathworking doesn’t work for me?

The reasons for binding spirits and when its appropriate and when its not.

And how to go about doing it in an non offinsive way.


I didn’t even know you had a Facebook or YouTube lol. I’ll binge watch your videos for now since I don’t use Facebook but if I come up with ideas I’ll comment again

Well one thing I was thinking was how could you block people’s prayers from affecting your life? Or if you live in a majority Christian area, how could you spiritually or emotionally dissociate in those circles so that you’re not influenced by them? Lol asking for a friend

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Alchemy and transmutation of physical substances.

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What are really Jehova, Yahweh and Allah.


Guardians of wealth and treasures

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djinn magick

What your rise to power has cost you, and why the cost has been worth it.

A livestream has been uploaded, the questions that got answered were by.


Thank you guys and I gave you a shout out too :blush:


Where can we find this at on your FB ?

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Draggus, Clariaudience, jehovah

Everything on Aquarius is appreciated.

Awesome thanks!

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Your welcome :blush:

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Oh it sucks that I missed the live but I’m flattered for the shout out💕 haven’t been on here in a while