What would you do to someone who has been messing with your perception?

I’m still doing the Gatekeeper pathworking with Belial, and some of you might recall that before my death in the lake of fire, I was dealing with a lot of psychic/magickal attacks from strangers (mostly). Well, earlier this year, Belial and Lucifer showed me why this was so, and it was because of the archonic influence. Belial has been showing me my masters, and some of them are folks who started fights with me before. One I’m dealing with right now has been and is still interfering with my eyes, my perception.

It’s kind of hard to explain what I experience, but there’s this weird sensation on my eyes, like something is pressing on them or poking at them, and from time to time, I’ve been shown that someone changes my glasses (not physically, obviously) and when they do, my perception literally changes. It can be subtle or it can be obvious, and I’d been noticing this for a year, but it slowed down drastically a while ago. Now it’s just occasionally. But, I didn’t know what was causing it until very recently. It’s an enemy from my past - a stranger, not someone I know personally.

What would you do to a former enemy who is still attacking you and messing with your perception?

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Belial is so excellent for this sort of thing. :slight_smile:

@OmniNuem you have experience fighting this type of interference, just @ ing you in case you had any ideas :slight_smile:

So it’s got a kind of technical feel to it? … psi constructs in the astral, that act mechanically to affect your energy, in this case the energy of your eyes.

I think a multi faceted approach that you can manage in pieces might be good. First stop the attack, disable the ability to attack through defense and binding/attacking him, and heal from any damage. Healing faster than he can do damage can also help with defense (I’ve had a target that did this and it’s effective when done well).

For mid attack, you have a direct connection to the perpertrator, which you can grab and use against him. When you get the sense of poking at your eyes, visualise whatever works to stop that. Maybe he’s using “hands” and you break his fingers, maybe there’s a thoughtform he programmed or a lesser entity he sent, try setting it on fire? I tend to make these up as I go myself :slight_smile:

Next take the attack to him, following the “thread” to it’s source. I rip the thread out and cauterise it, and from here I may attack his energy body, bind him like a doll, set him on fire too, anything. I may do a ritual with entities for binding or cursing, or getting him to forget I exist etc etc. This is only limited by your imagination. Breath in the energy of the cosmos and breath it out to fuel the work.

And then top it off with working on yourself, adding mirror shields or whatever, add thoughtforms in your fields that automatically attack connections coning in or projectile astral weapons, heal up and do extra healing meditation until it boils over.

That’s what I’d do :slight_smile:


After you have resolved and wrapped-up this experience, perhaps consider how magick can change perceptions. Do I need to also say, consider how this power can be used?


I’m not sure, but since I can’t sense any energy, other than their interacting with my eyes, I’d say it’s probably a servitor or something that has been artificially created.

I’m still in the process of a year-long discovery, but it’s clear to me that this interference with my perception is simply to allow the original perpetrator to hide. There’s also mental programs being used by the Dead, and there’s an illusion attack. I’ve discovered two other people responsible for the illusion and the programs - designed to keep me from moving forward, from knowing myself, and from acting according to my true will. They’re being used as gophers for someone else, who I’ve identified. This is a revenge attack for the people I dealt with a few years ago - who made my life a living hell.

But yeah, knowing how to deal with what’s left after I’ve dealt with these people is key. I’m going to examine what you’ve said on the matter and I’ll come back here soon. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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