What would you do if someone walked in on you during a spell?

This happened to me during a curse I was performing.
Thankfully it was at the end of the spell, when I was blowing out the candles, and a family member walked in on me, they didn’t see me I don’t think (was downstairs) but still. Part of the spell was to BE ALONE, and to NOT have this happen.

I cleansed myself, and the area around me, but I am scared of it backfiring now.


I would not worry. You clearly have finished the spell, your focus was not interrupted in the middle of the working and you didn’t have to flip over a complete table or setup in a manner of seconds to hide what you’re doing. Next time I would simply designate your immediate surrounding area as “alone space”, mentally and energetically cutting out whatever is going on beyond that.

When I started out I had no alone space for my workings, so I ended up with doing a lot of my rituals alongside my partner playing videogames or tuning his instruments or telling me things about phase coherence. It never affected him, it never affected my workings. I simply focused on an imagined square around my working area as “my room”; someone really must have physically walked straight into me to interrupt or disturb the energy connected to my workings :slight_smile:


Thank you so much, this calmed me down A LOT